Yolo Experiences, West Africa?s premier luxury lifestyle expert, is launching its biggest, most ambitious project yet ? ICON HOUSE.  Three exciting floors of best-brand boutiques and international-class hospitality: a cafe, cocktail lounge, restaurant and nightclub, arriving in Accra in Autumn 2014.

In order to introduce ICON HOUSE to the world, Yolo Enterprises, in association with London-based brand-specialists Gorgeous Group, is staging a three-day star-search fashion-event, BE AN ICON, as the centerpiece of an extraordinary image campaign. To be held July 11, 12 and 13 in Accra.

BE AN ICON will find and photograph, identify and interview, through an ?open call? to everybody in Accra (and beyond), Accra?s own most unique, most stylish, most trend-setting ?undiscovered? stars. Accra?s own ?icons.? The newest, next-wave of celebrity-power: ready to shine. And local-pride: watch your back Paris/London/Tokyo/Milan/ NYC. Not pro talent, but raw talent: bursting onto the scene. Accra?s own bright galaxy of the style universe.

To show off their ?personal best? in their own original way, participants will style themselves and take their own photographs in a specially-designed fashion studio, assisted by a fashion photographer. Select images will be featured in ICON HOUSE?s d?cor, promotion, advertising. All participants? images will be posted on a website: becomeanicon.com.

Judge-selected ICONS will enjoy special ICON events and special privileges for one year at ICON HOUSE. Special events will include invitation-only, ICON-only workshops and auditions with fashion, music, and hospitality industry professionals, for those interested in pursuing careers and contracts in these fields.

?Putting the guest at the center of the experience, making them the ?star,? is the core of Yolo?s concept of hospitality,? states Yolo Experiences, creators of Santoku, La Maison stores and Yard Bird restaurants. ?And BE AN ICON  is a huge opportunity to advocate and celebrate Yolo?s committed belief: that Ghanaian culture has the potential for global recognition in terms of quality, style, service, and design.?

Yolo Enterprises and Gorgeous Group will be available for interview. Media expressing an interest in attending and covering the BE AN ICON event will be accommodated. Participants and selected ICONS will also be available for interviews and additional photography, after the event.

BE AN ICON is an exciting, unprecedented SHOUT-OUT to Accra, and the event promises to be editorially remarkable, from participants? stories to incredible visuals.  Participants will be invited to register through Icon House?s Facebook account (facebook.com/Iconhouse) or website (becomeaicon.com)

Arriving in Autumn 2014, ICON HOUSE offers day-to-night luxury hospitality. It includes three floors of best-brand boutiques and international-class hospitality: a cafe and cocktail lounge; the CoCo Lounge cafe, Urban Grill restaurant, and a nightclub, the first of several world-wide to be announced shortly.

At the CoCo Lounge, casual caf? fare is available throughout the day: coffee and tea, cakes and ice cream, and a light luncheon menu ? pizzas and salads. In the evening, Coco Lounge also offers cocktails, including its own original creations.  At the Urban Grill, chef Andrew DiCataldo fuses Nuevo Latino cuisine with African flavor. A wine list will be curated by Brazilian Master of Wine Dirceu Vianna Jr., and there is a Dom Perignon VIP Wine Tasting Room.

The nightclub, being developed in London and destined to be West Africa?s most talked about, is set within a stunning rooftop terrace, atop ICON HOUSE.


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