The? Breast Care International (BCI) in conjunction with Peace And Love Hospitals have organized Free Breast and Cervical Cancer Education and Screening? for all women in the Ashanti Region to mark 2013 International Women?s Day Celebration, in Kumasi.

International Women?s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, It is a day when women are recognized for their achievement without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.

The Breast Care International (BCI) and Peace & Love Hospitals commemorate this all important event with the theme ?Time for Action to End Ignorance about Cancers?.

Since its formation in 2002, BCI has initiated various strategies including awareness creation, health education, teaching breast self-examination, survivor?s testimonies, clinical breast examination and referral system to demystify the disease and enhance appreciation of women and their role in the society.

Speaking to women prior to the screening, Dr.(Mrs.) Beatrice Wiafe Addai, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Peace And Love Hospitals in Accra and Kumasi, and the President of BCI, who is the pivot of the celebration, advised women to desist from the habit of hiding money and other unwholesome things under their breasts because it could also lead to serious health consequences.

She also advised women not to allow men to fondle their breast roughly in order not to create any health complications for them.

?Men have unrestricted access to their wives breasts does not give them the licence to roughly handle it and cause problem for them? She added.

Dr. Wiafe Addai, a General Surgeon and Consultant? Breast Surgeon emphasized the fact that the Breast Cancer disease had become prevalent in the country and must therefore, be an issue of concern to all Ghanaians especially people in authority.

She lamented that while the developed world was taking preventable measure to curb the disease, Ghanaians rather disturbingly linking the disease to superstition and ending up in prayer camps.

Many women were indentified with different diseases related to cancers during the screening.


  1. My right breast has become very big and sometimes it pains me a lot, please I want to knw e day u do the free screening.thank you from kumasi ejuso


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