I always say that, when these Kumasi??guys are given a bigger platform to showcase their Ghanaian Hip-Pop talents, the music industry will never be the same.

After dropping series of good music from these up and coming guys, this one happens to be a mixture of hi-life and hip pop feel, which we now call Afro pop and it is from no other Kumasiano than Jay Sketchy.

I would have said the music was done by Jay Z if not the mixture of pidgeon and Twi this guy fused in the song. And infact, he nailed the beat. Nicely mixed by the ?Boss? of music, Dze Boss Tunez of , who has currently been hosting most of the dopest rappers Gh Hp pop is raising now in Kumasi, and I hope people will bear witness his releases and productions since he appeared.

The Bantama Boy Swag, Jay Sketchy sends a message to those loose rappers who always brag about what they never had or have and it?s amazing how he did it.

Downlaod below and listen, if you love it like I do, share with friends. And if you don?t, your comments and responses are very welcomed.


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