Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Visiting Professor of Economic Governance at the Central University College and 2012 Vice- Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), will on Thursday make a presentation at Oxford University during this year?s Natural Resource Charter Conference scheduled to be held at the University between 12th and 13th June.

According to the Natural Resource Governance Institute, organizers of the conference, this year?s charter conference will focus on the theme, ?Strengthening Resource Governance: Policy and the Application of Measurement? and will bring together policy makers, practitioners, academics and other leading experts, including many from developing countries, to discuss the latest research and policy relating to the governance of resource wealth.

The conference will showcase new thinking, policy experience and emerging best practice and will also serve as a forum for debate.

The lessons generated by participants will subsequently be incorporated into the charter?s recommendations.

Dr. Bawumia?s presentation is expected to focus on the Macroeconomic Implications of the management of Ghana?s oil discovery and lessons for other African countries.

The conference is an invitation-only event, however, beyond the participation of those present in Oxford, parts of the conference will be webcast live to allow a global audience to take part in the debate.

The Natural Resource Charter is a new global initiative to help governments and societies effectively harness the opportunities created by natural resources.

The Charter seeks to assist governments and societies to effectively govern those resources in a way that generates economic growth and promotes the welfare of the population.

The Charter document was initially written by a group of leading experts on natural resource governance, including Paul Collier, a leading economist and other senior economists, lawyers and political scientists.

The Natural Resource Charter is now led by an oversight board chaired by former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo and guided by a Technical Advisory Group of international experts.

Source: Daily Guide


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