The aggrieved wife of jailed Bawku Central MP, Mrs. Eva Dramani Sakande, has described as a ?palpable lie? deputy Education Minister, Mahama Ayariga?s denial that he had no hand in the incarceration of her husband, Adamu Dramani Sakande.

She claimed Ayariga resorted to undercover tactics through a Kumasi-based cattle dealer, Sumaila Bilbil, to achieve his goal.

Hon. Ayariga on Citi FM?s current affairs programme, Inside Politics debunked widespread allegations that he was the brain behind Hon. Sakande?s imprisonment.

Speaking in an interview with Citi News, Mrs. Sakande said, ?In the first place it is not an attack that I am having on him right, but I just want to let people know the truth because of what I have heard on Citi FM. I think he [Ayariga] has all along being the brain behind everything that is happening, but he is using somebody to do his dirty works for him.?

She lamented, ?Why will somebody, a man of his caliber come on air and say that this guy lived with my husband in London; how did he know that, what prove has he got, I have lived in London with my husband for so many years, I have never set foot on this guy, the first time I saw him was when I came to Ghana and we went to court.?

Mrs. Sakande revealed that her husband?s imprisonment has created a big vacuum in her home.

?The only thing I want to say to him is judgment is for God. I leave him in the hands of the Almighty, that is all I can say to him, but he should stop the lies; he has put chaos in my family and he has done what he wants to do, but at the end of the day God is God and I know the truth will come out eventually.

?Judgement is not for human being but at the end of the day, God is the judge for all of us that is why I say I leave it in the hands of the Almighty to do the judgment for us,? she stated.

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