Security men with the help of officials from Airtel Communication company have arrested a battery thief behind the Vice-Chanlellors? Lodge where the University?s communication gadgets are kept.
Man arrested for stealing roadBriefing the Ghana News Agency on the arrest, Mr Paul Adanusa, Head of Investigations of the University Security Services, said Airtel officials in Accra noticed within their communication signals that someone was tempering with their masts located on the University Campus Legon behind the Vice-Chancellor?s Lodge.
Mr Adanusa said t he officials quickly moved behind the vice-chancellor?s lodge, and during a vigorous search they discovered that two of their electronic batteries have been removed.
In the course of the search, two young men were found in the Airtel technical room and an alarm was raised.
With the help of the University security men, one of the thieves was arrested, while the other escaped into the bush.
Mr Adanusa a Toyota vehicle hiding at the crime scene was retrieved, adding that the thief, the two batteries and the vehicle have been handed over to the Legon Police for further investigation.
He said efforts are being made to arrest the second culprit.
Officials from Airtel gave the price of the two stolen batteries as 10,400 Cedis.



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