Basketmouth-and-Samini-AskReply Yaw Sakyi confirms that Basketmouth sacking Pat Thomas was not scripted + wife of singer speaks out Basketmouth and Samini AskReply

During the ?Lords Of The Ribs? comedy show over the weekend, Nigerian comedian Basketmouth offended some sensibilities when he interrupted Pat Thomas? performance and sacked him off stage saying it was his time to perform. While some have said it might be part of the comedian?s act, others have described the act as distasteful. MC for the night, Yaw Sakyi in an exclusive interview with Abrantepa on Radio Univers? mid-morning show, Brunch2Lunch revealed that Basketmouth?s action was not part of the script.

According to him, the comedian was not to be introduced; neither was he supposed to interrupt and sack the music legend from the stage.

?Basket Mouth per the script was not supposed to be introduced. The original plan was that after Pat Thomas? performance, the lights will go off or dimmed and then he walks on stage. The program was supposed to start at eight but we started at nine. While the show was ongoing, Basket Mouth came backstage pushing organizers to hurry up because he will be going to church tomorrow? people will leave before he comes on stage to perform.

When Pat Thomas was wrapping up, the lights didn?t go off and then he [Basket Mouth] jumped onto the stage. For the first five minutes, people were not responding to his jokes because the act looked a bit awkward and uncomfortable?, he said.

Nana Abrefi, wife of the musician has described the incident as totally disrespectful and uncalled for.She said, ?The family had gone there to support our husband and father to perform. Just as he was about to thank the audience, Basket Mouth rudely interrupted and demanded he be given the microphone saying it was not a musical show but comedy.

In fact, it was totally disrespectful. Many had come because daddy [Pat Thomas] was there to perform?.

Nana Abrefi added she later learnt the promoter had apologized to Pat Thomas backstage as she left the auditorium because she was angry.

?I was pissed off so I left the auditorium. I thought the promoter would apologize there but I was told they apologized to daddy backstage?, she said.

She added saying ?Which Ghanaian can do this in Nigeria? Pat Thomas is old enough to be his [Basket Mouth] father and for him to have shown such gross disrespect to him is despicable. He started doing music before you started with your comedy. I was pissed off?.

Source: Ameyawdebrah


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