Baseball coach Yuko Kato

National Baseball head coach Yuko Kato from Japan has said his final good bye to officials of National Sports Authority (NSA) and the Ghana Baseball and Softball Association (GB&SA) after two years service.

Baseball coach Yuko KatoYuko Kato was led by President of the Ghana Baseball and Softball Association, Albert Frimpong who has been elected into the new Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), to meet Saka Acquaye, deputy Director General of the NSA and other officials of the Authority.

Mr. Acquaye praised the coach for coming to Ghana to impart his knowledge and skills.

Yuko Kato said Ghana is a nice place with nice people who love sports. He pleaded that more funds would be put in sports to support the youth who are mostly involved in sports.
He prayed that Ghana will qualify to participate in the Olympic Games in 2020 in Japan, his country.

Albert Frimpong said very soon another foreign coach is coming to support the game. He urged students to get attracted to Baseball as it is a popular past time in advanced nations like Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, England and France.

He said the 2017 season is coming with new hope for Ghana Baseball and his election to the GOC is the reality of greater things to come.

He urged sportsmen and women to show volunteerism and know that money is not everything but good name which makes you reach greater heights.

By Sammy Heywood Okine


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