The national leadership of APC Youths Renaissance has welcomed the  appointment of Barrister Ismael Ahmed as the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Social Investment Programmes.

The appointment was sanctioned by His Excellency Yemi Osinbajo, the Vice President of the Republic of Nigeria who presently acts as the President.

In a statement signed by Mr. Collins Edwin, National Secretary of APC Youths Renaissance; the leadership of the APC youths described the appointment as “akin to putting the right peg in the right hole considering the great skills and experiences of Barrister Ahmed in similar responsibilities.”

The group extolled the qualifications and expertise of Barrister Ahmed.

“Barrister Ahmed been a ditribalised Nigerian and administrator par excellence would bring his vast experiences to bear in the implementation of the social investment programmes of the Federal Government,” the statement said.

The youth expressed optimism for the future with the appointee in charge. They also emphasised that the appointment reflected the will of the youth.

“We in APC Youths Renaissance are particularly happy with the appointment because it reflects the yearnings and aspirations of the Nigerian Youths in matters of governance,” Mr Collins concluded.

Before his appointment, Barrister Ismael Ahmed was the National Chairman of all APC Support Groups as well as member APC Board of Trustees.