BMAs the race to the presidency begins to wind down, and the American voting public make their decisions on who to vote for, the one question that may never play out in the minds of stakeholders, neutrals and fanatics will be;
?Who actually is the better man, or who is the better human being??
This particular race, just like former presidential races, is becoming a very long and expensive, with its many twists and turns stretching the lives of the different candidates to the brink of the abyss and has threatened to disrupt the public personas that they and their campaign trains have neatly created for them.
usNow, looking closely and objectively at the situation and climate that has characterized these particular polls, Romney has the slight advantage; now before you shoot my head off, let me explain why I have this view.
Everyone knows that these are very tough times for world economies, and that United States of America, and Barack Obama as its current president are required to make some very tough decisions that have a lot to play on the direction that world politics and economics will follow. One wrong speech given by Obama or one wrong Foreign policy decision by the Obama government, and the Romney camp will immediately have a field day blowing up the matter in the eyes of the media and the voting public in order to garner points for their side.
On the other hand, it can also be argued that the Barack Obama side has some advantage, being under public scrutiny and spotlight, and if the advantage is well played; their camp will win over the votes of more neutrals, democrats and even republicans.
In the course of their numerous debates and speeches to the media and the voting public, we have been able to carefully analyze and understand their views on various issues that affect human life and existence, and it based on the premise of these thoughts that we will try to decide if one or both of them are really human beings, or they are just opportunists whose quest for power will cloud their sense of reasoning when elected into power.
We have identified some key issues that cut across all works of life from science, to healthcare, the economy and even foreign policy, that? have divided both liberal and conservative Americans alike, and these issues are;
i.???????????????????? Should the U.S end the war in Afghanistan?
ii.?????????????????? Should the government regulate the internet to deter online piracy?
iii.????????????????? Should the government fund stem cell research?
iv.???????????????? Should we limit federal funds to public schools?
v.?????????????????? Should the government have bailed out the major banks during the financial crisis of 2008?
vi.???????????????? Should gay marriage be allowed in the U.S?
vii.??????????????? Should abortion be outlawed in the United States?
These are some of the issues that affect not only the lives of the average American, but that of many other citizens in different countries.
Ifeanyi Abraham


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