The project manager for the China Airport Construction Group Corporation, Baoliang Yu, has asked operators of airports across the globe to deploy modern technology in cleaning their runways.


Baoliang, who was addressing the Fourth Annual Africa Airport Expansion Summit here on Friday, said the booming developments recorded in the aviation industry since 2006 called for a departure from some of the old ways of keeping the airports and runways safe for both passengers and cargo.

Speaking on “An Introduction to Runway Pavement Rehabilitation Without Interruption of Airport Operation”, he observed that the face deficiency of runway bearing capacity and its pavement damage posed a threat to the safety of aircraft.

He therefore urged operators of airports on the continent to deploy modern ways of making the runways and airports safe as was being done in advanced countries.

“In order to reduce the risks associated with runway deficiencies, there is the need to deploy technology runway pavement rehabilitation without interruption of airport operation,” Baoliang said.

The two-day summit assembled stakeholders in the aviation industry including government officials, investors, civil aviation authorities, airport management groups and consultants.

Source: XinhuaX


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