By William Gomes

According to different news reports mob had torched and vandalized the Buddhist village in one of the worst religious attacks in Bangladesh which appeared to have been triggered by a Facebook posting allegedly defaming the Quran.

According to bdnews24, on 30th September 2012, seven Buddhist Viharas, around 30 houses and shops were torched in the attacks that started at 11:30pm and lasted until around 4am on 1st of October. More than a hundred houses and shops were also reportedly attacked, vandalized and looted

My sources inside Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) shared sensational inside story and background of the per-planned attack on the Buddhists in Cox’s Bazaar’s Ramu Upazila

The whole attack was engineered by special unit of Indian Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) in coordination with DGFI

A special team of monitoring the social media in the DGFI and R&AW were closely monitoring the social media? to monitor the? ongoing protest on anti Islam film in different parts of Bangladesh on social media

The government was facing challenge to tackle the protest on anti Islam movie in different parts of the country

The social media monitor team within the intelligence agency noticed that different people were tagged different photos related anti Islam movie and defaming Holy Quran , Uttam Barua was tagged in the photo from a Facebook ID called ‘Insult Allah’

The special units of R&AW consult with concern people in prime minister?s office ask to run special operation named ?Operation Tango?

The main aim of operation tango was to spread the violence in hill district, specifically on the Buddhist and Hindu minorities

Selected officials were called immediately from different detachments of DGFI that includes Coxs? Bazar, Khagrachari, Rangamati, Bandarban and Chittagong

They were briefed, how to implement the operation tango. They special team of army commando were send to vandalized a village of Buddhists in Cox’s Bazaar’s Ramu Upazila early on 30th September 2012

Cox’s Bazaar district’s Superintendent of Police Selim Mohammed Jahangir was informed earlier by the tango team to remain silent while tango team run the operation and police were on high alert that tango team can successfully end the operation

Special units of R&AW informed Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina earlier that operation tango will help to get the sympathy of minorities

They also briefed that minorities are your vote bank , before election this attack will benefit you in all ways

They also briefed BNP had embraced the government over Rohingya Muslims issue and it?s a proper time to use the situation while the opposition is protesting over anti islam movie

The tango team had suggested spreading attacks on minorities in different minority populated areas all over the country and that will continue one after another

A team of media professionals were briefed earlier to run continuous news propaganda naming the violence as an effort to Islamize the hill area and the opposition parties specifically BNP is behind the communal attack

While the ruling government is playing dirty game on the life of minorities with the Indian intelligence R&AW , minorities are paying a high cost


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