At least 13 suspected bandits were killed in firefights with police in Bangladesh, police said Monday.

BangladeshFive policemen were injured in the armed encounters Sunday, district police chief Habibur Rahman said.

The clashes lasted for more than three hours in the Sundarbans mangrove forest, located around 330 kilometres south-west of Dhaka.

He said the gang of 13 bandits were caught Sunday after a brief gunfight when they tried to abduct a school teacher at a village near the forest.

Two of them died of their wounds soon after they were captured, Rahman added.

Police took the other 11 into the forest to search for the bandits’ arsenal and leader, known as Abul Kashem, when other members of the gang open fire on them.”

“The 11 were shot dead when police retaliated with bullets,” Habibur Rahman said.

The gang has been linked to piracy in the Bay of Bengal, he said.

Seventeen guns and 57 rounds of ammunition were later found at the scene, he said.


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