There are calls for alcoholic drinks to be banned at match venues

By Patrick Akoto

Division One League Board Chairman Kwame Ntow Fianko wants the Ghana Federation to promulgate laws to ban the use of alcohol at match venues next season.

Violence at match venues over the years in the country’s topflight league has largely been attributed to the abuse of the substance by some fans, which weaken their sense of judgment and lead to riotous behaviour under least provocation.

The use of narcotic drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin by some fans at match centres are common feature.

While there have serious agitations for the prohibition of the sale of the substance, the non-existence of a bill for the setting up a legal framework has stalled any move by the Federation to enforce it.

“The sale of alcohol at the stadium or it precinct should be banned going into next season. Because most the people who perpetuate the troublesome acts are mostly under its influence,” Fianko told Accra-based Happy FM

“The fans must understand that, he or she is a third party at the stadium and is not warranted to drink or smoke at the stadium.

“Don’t we see people smoke wee and their substance at our stadias all the time? We as a country have just glossed over it. But I believe the time to ban it outright is now.

“We should not pretend we don’t see some of the fans smoke all manner of substances but does it mean we should allow it to continue?

“When they’re intoxicated, that is when they misbehave an attack referees, throw chairs and other object at some decisions.

On Thursday the Brazilian Senate passed a controversial and much-delayed bill paving the way for alcohol to be sold in stadiums at the 2014 World Cup.

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