Ghana loses US$10 million following a ban on five vegetable exports from the county to the European market.
Reports has it that the food and veterinary office of the European Commission placed a ban on some five vegetables from Ghana following inspections of these vegetables. Authorities found moth and insects in chilli, aubergine, gourds among others which, according to the Ghana Export Promotion Authority, were  being exported to Europe causing the officers to place a ban on exportation of these vegetables.
Ghana, since then has established measures to deal with the situation. A lab and a traceability system have been set up with hopes that by September 21, the ban will be lifted, the Ghana Export Promotion Council has said. A tracking system to detect infested products has also been purchased. Product Development Division director Erasmus Ashun was however quick to add the organization was handicapped.


The European Union inspectorate are expected to visit Ghana on September 12 and this, Ashun hopes may lift the ban.

If Ghana is able to export by September, the country could rake in close to a million dollars, the report said.

Edmund A. Sakyi/