The Patron of the Ghana Clothes Dealers Association, Mr. Allen gyimah has called on government to reconsider its descition to place a ban on the importatation and sale of second hand clothing in the country.

Mr. Gyimah said, instead of prohibiting the inmportation of these goods, government should rather look at making bold policies that will enable the necessary institutions to carry out effective monitoring on the activities of importers and dealers.

He was speaking in an exclusive interview where he indicated that the importation and sale of second hand clothings are source of employment to many people in the country, adding that it also afford the poor or people who cannot afford to buy expensive clothes to also have a means of looking good.

Allen Gyimah stressed that placing a ban on these gods will also deepen the problems of unemployment, thereby creating an atm,osphere of poverty which according to him, can affect all areas of development.

Government has indicated its readiness to put ban the importation of second hand clothing if importers did not comply with laws and rules guiding their importation.

Although government recognised the fact that such importation could affect the jobs of some people, it also pointed out that it was in the general interest of the dinary Ghanaian consumer since second hand underwear like panties and braziers could affect the health and safety of buyers.
it was in the light of these that Allen Gyimah stressed the poin that, government must be bold in making policies that will help importers understand their roles better and know the impact of their activities on the economy of Ghana.

He said, their goods are always cheaper giving the opportunity to every body to have something to wear, as compared to the locally manufactured products.

He gave the assurance that the association will comply with existing rules and regulations to facilitate trade through the promotion of safety, quality and compatibility.


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