With the increasing cosumption of natural resources, the wastes are growing fast as well including city wastes, industrial and agricultural wastes. According to their unique characteristic, they can be used as different building materials respectively to reduce environmental pollution and natural resources consumption. Fly ash, a most common waste among them, is widely applied in road building program because of its unique high hardness and strength.

in the process of fly ash utilization, the fineness of fly ash has certain impact on its strength. The finer the fly ash is, the higher strength the ash is. Therefore, it is vital to choose a grinding mill with finer grinding degree and better performance in the production of fly ash processing. Accelerating the speed of innovation, development, and production, Hongxing vigorously develops MQX micro powder ball mill combined the requirement of grinding mill over the years and the features of raw fly ash processed.

In recent years, the cement industry makes great progress in the field of grinding with the help of new technology and new type energy-saving equipments such as raymond mill and high strength pulverizer. However, for cement  producing  line, there is still a big gap in quality between the products produced by ordinary mills and MQX micro powder ball mill. In addition, the production capacity is far from enough to satisfy the need of cement production. The particles of processed fly ash by ball mill are round in shape and smooth on surface, so the concrete has higher strength. On the other hand, the products of ordinary mill vary in shape and are coarse in the surface, which will exerts bad influence on the utilization of cement. Internationally, the best choice for optimizing the cement quality is to apply ball mill as the final producing equipment to meet the need of cement production.

As the a large country of coal consumption, China’s fly ash emissions increase rapidly, which has invisibly brought enormous pressure to the environment. To improve the environment and accelerate the recycling of resources, the comprehensive utilization of flyash is a pressing matter of the moment. The comprehensive utilization of flyash need to use advanced technology, reasonable process, reliable equipment, low production costs, ensure the quality of products and in accordance with the corresponding national standards. Ball mill is indispensable in the comprehensive utilization of flyash. Flyash is mainly composed by carbon, iron, aluminum and hollow beads and other useful components, recovery and extraction of useful components and produce building materials take the high content fly ash as premise, which is the favorable way eliminating fly ash hazards and turn ‘waste’ into wealth. To a service-oriented brand integrity,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery ,like cone crusher supplier, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

Currently, Henan Hongxing Mine Machinery Co., Ltd, a mining machinery manufacturer who is committed to the flour milling industry, has developed the high-pressure grinding machine, the grinding fineness of which can be controlled between 500 mesh ( 25 microns ) – 2500 mesh ( 5 microns ). It is widely used for grinding fly ash for cement grinding production, fly ash bricks, fly ash silicate block, fly ash aerated concrete and other building materials; which also can be used as an agricultural fertilizer and soil conditioner; the recycling of industrial raw materials and environmental materials; fly ash is taking fly ash as the main raw material, mixed with a small amount of binder and solid fuel, by mixing, into the ball, high temperature firing and made an artificial lightweight aggregate and so on.

Henan Hongxing Mine Machinery Co., Ltd uses efficient, environmentally friendly grinding machine, the fly ash comprehensive utilization effect is prominent, which can alleviate previous scarce resources and shortage, and can solve the problem of environmental pollution. Therefore, it contributes a lot to improve the comprehensive utilization of powdered coal ash, to our country resource use and pollution prevention aspects have a tremendous role in promoting. Along with the technology development of the ball mill and the constant developing of the application, the comprehensive utilization of flyash will improve greatly.

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