NIMET sounds out a warning about violent winds on the way after the flooding

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has advised Nigerians to take precautions against violent winds that may occur during the dry season. The winds are expected as part of the effects of climate change.

The Director-General of NIMET, Dr Anthony Anuforom, made this pronouncement in Abuja yesterday.

Anuforom noted that windy weather was expected during the dry season, following more heavy rains, likely to lead to more floods between September and October advising that precaution should be taking while standing under threes during the period.

?We are transiting now from rainy to dry season; the kind of things we may experience are violent winds. Therefore,we advice people to avoid staying under trees.

?The reason why we alert people is for them to know ahead of time and take necessary precautions.

?We have no ability to protect natural disasters but the ability to observe what the weather is and inform the people early.

?Part of the mandate of the Ministry of Aviation is safety and we as an agency under it have keyed into it.? Anuforom noted.

He said that forecasts by the agency, if strictly adhered to, could help save the situation. He added that any emergency situation could only surprise people if there were no early warnings.

?If adequate disaster risk measures are taken, the number of deaths will decrease because people must have known what to expect,? Anuforom said.

The NIMET chief explained that the 2013 annual seasonal rainfall predictions bulletin on weather and climate would be released early to get people prepared and make use of it.

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