Screen diva Kafui K. Danku has revealed that the back-biting and bickery in the industry has never scared her but rather put her on her toes, making her stay focused in her career as an actress.

Single and business minded Kafui disclosed this in an interview saying even though the movie industry seems very small, there’s so much backbitting and bickery and these has always seperate the artistes on the field.” There is no unity in the movie industry. All we see or hear is backbiting, bickery and gossips here and there. Though  I just take them to be rumours, sometimes the reactions and expressions of some people when you meet them tells what you  perhaps heard was true. To me, I see them to be challenges that comes along with the work that I’m doing and so have never allowed or worry my head over such things. No, it has never affected me because sometimes your enemies even play a role in achieving your dreams. But again, I wish we could all come under one umbrella and then put the Ghana movie industry on the world map” she said.

The actress who have featured in Sparrows production’s “PEEP”, a TV series which is runing on TV3 and  another one from Venus films which will be running on Viasat 1 perhaps later in the year,  also revealed that she is enjoying the acting work but it does pay very little. “Perhaps it pays little to me because some producers still believe I am upcoming and so I believe it will start paying big when they finally  see me to be that big brand. I accept script base on story line, look at the role  and how it can have a positive impact on the individual in the society but all the same I really like my job as an actress and have never regreted making it a career. she stated.

When asked whether marriage can ever come in to affect her acting career, the beautiful actress laughed and said her husband to be must in the first place understand the nature of her career and trust her as a wife. “Affect my career? I don’t think, not really. What I do in movies is something he should know and understand. She chipped in.

According to her, she has always known Ghanaians to be very peaceful and know they going to hold on to that peace before and after the general election this year. “We are  all one people and should avoid all kind of misunderstandings. We should celebrate and love one another irrespective of our ethnic group, party affiliations or colours and must always remember that in all we do as patriotic citizens we must put the interest of nation first. I will vote so please vote and vote peacefully. “who are you voting for?” I don’t know. she said laughing.





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