Baby Blanche and Socrate safo

Baby Blanche and Socrate in good times

No one fits the bogeyman character in the Ghana film industry as well as movie director and producer Socrate Safo does.

Whether as CEO of his Movie Africa Production company or on location directing a movie or as PRO of the Film Producers Association of Ghana, Socrate Safo has been seen as the no-nonsense man who fires wayward actors into line.

Indeed, other directors who have found it difficult to deal with specific ego-trip behaviours of their actors have been known to comment:Could you ever do this on a Socrate production?

Recently however, Baby Blanche an actress in Socrate’s newest movie Amen did what has been unprecedented – she walked off the set in anger.

What was the cause? Socrate narrated to Showbiz over the phone last Tuesday that Baby Blanche requested water to drink on location between takes and when she was offered a sachet of water, she refused preferring bottled water instead.

Socrate said Baby Blanche walked off the set and it took a lot of pleading from both cast and crew before she returned to finish her takes.

“How can I pay an actress so much for her to walk off set because of common water. What is wrong with satchet water?”, Socrate asked.”I had just drank some myself”.

But Baby Blanche thought differently. She explained to Showbiz that she specifically asked for bottled water because she was afraid of poisoning. “You can’t trust anyone these days. If Socrate could pay me a huge amount of money to be in his movie, why can’t he provide bottled water for me when I am thirsty?”

According to her, she had to walk off set to get water to quench her thirst. “I felt very thirsty and uncomfortable so I demanded for bottled water, I was later given sachet water but because I was afraid of poisoning I rejected it and stepped out to get water”.

To cap her explanation, Baby Blanche who has featured in many Socrate Safo movies over the last four years, dropped her “bomb”: “I think Socrate is not a serious producer, else he would make sure that all basic things such as drinking water would always be available on set”.

After all this, Socrate, who has been in the movie business for over 25 years, says he is having regrets over some of the actors he’s raised from scratch. According to him, he feels so bad that some of the artistes he picked from nowhere behave in an unprofessional manner when they become stars.

Known for producing movies like Adult Only, Hot Fork, What Sex Can Do and Rhapsody of Love, Socrate says it is about time actors showed some respect to the producers who have made them who they are now.

“ Producers spend so much money to make actors famous and they turn their backs on you by showing all kinds of attitude to you, I think it’s about time actors realized such behaviour is uncalled for” Socrate said he had lost interest in raising new actors who will later disrespect him.

Source Graphic Ghana


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