Multiple hits maker Guru in a recent interview on eTV’s The Late Nite Celebrity Show has listed his top five producers.

The Lapaz Toyota hitmaker who is currently embarking on a school tour to distribute books the pupils told Giovani Caleb;

“My top five producer will be Cash two, Beat Monsta who played the Pooley Swag beat, Kiindee, Ball J and Kaywa. But you can’t grade them because  they are all dope and the moment you work with them you get results.”

The rapper who shot to fame with his feature on Obrafro’s Kasiebo opened up about his relationship with famed TV hostess Babie Dappah saying;

“I have a girlfriend but not everyone wants publicity. It’s not good for me to promote fornication. I’m a Christian and so I can’t be on TV talking about my girlfriend.

“I also have a PA, and that’s Babiee Dappah, team NKZ is a family thing and so anyone who is cool with us we roll with the person. Because if not for them, the things you wouldn’t have seen or experienced certain things with my music because she is very dope and comes up with lots of ideas. We are family. She has a boyfriend and I have my girlfriend and we roll.



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