Lawyer and former Attorney General, Ayikoi-Otoo says his expertise and experience are available for use by the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Mr Otoo indicated that beyond the constitutional and legal positions he held in the party, he was available and the party could tap into his experience.

?They [NPP] should make use of me; if they realize my worth, let them make use of me and I think it will be for the general good and for the development of the party.?

According to him, some elements within the party failed to consult him in taking key legal decisions including the drafting of the guideline for party communicators on how to avoid contempt.

?I am the chairman of the NPP constitutional committee, but I must say that they?ve not made use of me the way I would have expected them to do??

?I had all the fame before I was made an AG.? said the former Attorney General.

Mr. Otoo revealed on Eyewitness News that he never granted interviews while in office because he was advised not to talk to press and upon careful reflections he realized that ?if you are a politician and you don?t talk to the press then nobody knows what you are doing.?

He went on to advice anyone with political ambitions to learn to handle the press.



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