By Ameenu Shardow

Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel reveals his closest friend during his days at Sporting Lisbon was Kwame Ayew.

The 48-year-old Dane arrived in Ghana on Wednesday night to perform the grand launch of the English club?s mega partnership with African telecommunication giants, Globacom.

Schmeichel who is best remembered for his illustrious time at Manchester United where he captained the side to an astonishing treble in 1999 disclosed his closest pal was the ex Ghana striker during his time in Portugal.

?I played against Pele (Abedi) but I played with Ayew (Kwame) when I was in Sporting,? he said.

?And Ayew was very close to being my best friend, he was multi-lingual so he spoke every language under the sun.

?I came into Portugal not speaking Portuguese, he spoke Portugese but our coach was Italian and he spoke Italian so he was my translator.

?He was talking a lot about Ghana and that when he retired he?ll have a house built, I suppose it was going to be very impressive.

?When I played with him he was in the process of building his house so he spoke a lot about Ghana.?

Schmeichel adds he hopes to meet his former teammate during his short stay in Ghana.

?I hope there is an opportunity, it will be very very good because I haven?t seen him for many years now so it will be a very pleasant to see him again.?

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