Omg, i know this opinion will attract me more haters but the big question is, do i even care?

Okay personally, i think?Ay3 Late is one of those pieces you listen to and hope for time to tick away. There is nobody really flexing lyrical strength on it, no banging beats as well; rather it is some informative piece of music that rests on the podium of fan acclaim that the duo currently enjoys.

Anyhow we look at it though; the song is great given that it serves its purpose.

The fact that?Sarkcess Music have their weight behind this Pappy Kojo?and?Sarkodie offering means it will get some radio time, as well as enjoy some online buzz.

Can Ay3 Late win our hearts? Hard to tell. But one thing we aren?t in doubt about is that in less capable hands, like one of these underground rappers collaboration, Aye Late would have been nothing of specific beauty, nor would it enjoy a lengthy attention span.

The song is a plus given its message and theme. But after that, it is basically some lazy wordings put together in haste, with the aim of projecting a message to the senses more than it is to accomplish creativity. Sarkodie and Pappy Kojo have struggled to replicate their ?Aye Late mode? .

We all know that?Sarkodie has made many great songs and those who have obsessed over his oeuvre will be crazed with this joint with Pappy. And frankly, we can?t wait, because in all; listening to this new one shows us how much the Fante rap god isn?t at his most lyrical. Neither is Obidi.

I think of it as too similar to everything out there today. Not to downplay their collective brilliance and creativity but I feel like they could have done more, as this is all too similar to already popular hip hop template.

Anyway kudos to the rap gods….

Enjoy Ay3 Late by Pappy Kojo and Sarkodie below and rate it..



Source – GhJoy.Net


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