The late Muna Obiekwe
The late Muna Obiekwe

Nigerian comedian and showbiz entrepreneur, Ayo Makun, has expressed disappointment in what, he refers to as, the lack of a proper ?support system for talents? in Nigeria?s entertainment industry, saying the late Muna Obiekwe?s death could have been avoided but for the treatment he received from close friends and key industry people.

The late Muna Obiekwe
The late Muna Obiekwe

?Naturally, we all as human beings do not get enough support. Yes some are very, very privileged to get support but we need to get a system that is properly structured to enforce a support system for talents. We don?t have that in Nigeria,? bemoaned AY in an exclusive interview with Starr Entertainment.

The 36 year old actor died Sunday January 18, 2015 after battling with kidney disease.

The news of his death sent a huge amount of shock waves throughout the industry with many of his colleagues, including Genevieve Nnaji, Omoni Oboli, Charles Novia, John Dumelo, Tontoh Dikeh and his fans taking to their social media walls to express their grieve.

Meanwhile, AY is of the view that the hype surrounding Muna?s death is unnecessary.

?It?s sad that somebody would have to die first, before the person?s name would be everywhere. What happened to knowing fully well that your brother is in pain, and everybody is putting ?heads together? to ask what we can do in order to revive the brother? ??.

AY also suggested that the late actor may have been neglected by his colleagues out of the unhealthy competition among the stars.

?All of this is born out of grudge, beef, jelousy; okay-why is it that it is this person that is doing that, I can do better.

?And then you hear story about the person, rather than look for a solution, automatically you are happy that yes he goes down now am going to stay afloat which is very, very wrong and like I said it?s a wakeup call and we have to be each other?s keeper?.

In a January 22, 2015 tribute written about Muna by Tontoh Dikeh, the actress who was one of the closest people to him wrote:

Be a Neighbor and a friend that really cares, try and be trustworthy in this wicked and heartless world. I know that there are some good people out there, where re they? We all can?t be evil na, let?s show others hope, love and reason to live again, a tree can?t make a forest, we need each other in one way or the other.

HE WAS A SHINING STAR AND THUS YOU WILL THINK HE WILL HAVE TRUE FRIENDS OR A TRUE FRIEND TO LEAN ON AT DIFFICULT TIMES. It?s quite sad that I can?t trust anyone with my pain and anytime I wake up I think about death, I think about the freedom and peace that comes when i am gone from the world of hate, betrayal, deceit, Greed, Jealous, anger, Revenge.. I can only wish there is life after death, life that will be void of bad things we have experienced in this current life?.May the soul of Muna and the souls we have lost so far Rest in perfect peace.. Amen

AY has, however, advised that an appropriate channel for addressing the welfare of people in showbiz be instituted

?We weren?t close directly, apart from knowing that he is an industry person, we weren?t close. But with different information going on online, one would say he needed help but he didn?t get one.

?I think it?s something that should be a wake-up call for captains of industry and for them to know what structure we can have in place to be our brother?s keeper which is very, very important? .

Source: StarrFMonline


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