Africa World AirlinesChief Operating Officer (CEO) of Africa World Airlines (AWA), Apiigy Afenu has stated that the company has an ?aggressive plan? to dominate the Ghanaian market before its first anniversary in September this year.

Speaking to journalists after a float through parts of Accra and a donation at the Osu Children?s Home on Saturday, June 29, Mr Afenu also revealed that public confidence in their services was improving.

?We launched our website less than a month ago but we are already more than 1,000 bookings?through the website alone. People are getting to know us better,? Mr Afenu said.

The airline, which is a joint venture between the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) Ghana, the Strategic African Securities, China-Africa Development Fund and Hainan Airlines of China, is one of four airlines currently flying domestic routes in the country.

Marketing Manager of AWA, Samuel Razak Tachie, said although the airline currently operates daily flights from Accra-Tamale-Accra and Accra-Kumasi-Accra, there are plans to increase the flights to these destinations because the traffic is increasing. There are plans to start Accra-Takoradi-Accra flights soon.

The Marketing Manager also revealed that there has been significant progress with plans to fly to Lagos and Abuja. He was confident flights to the two Nigerian cities would also start before the celebration of their first anniversary.

?If Nigeria?s Ministry of Transport gives the go-ahead to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority then we can start,? he said.

The airline will subsequently begin flights to other West African countries.

Mr Tachie, however, noted that one of their major challenges have been flights from Accra to Tamale.

He explained that the shifting closing times of the Airport had been a major set back for flights on that route.


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