Goil Filling Station Fire
Goil Filling Station Fire

Mr. Michael Padi, Senior Meteorologist at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, Kotoka International Airport, has cautioned the public against seeking shelter in potentially dangerous places during rains.

Goil Filling Station Fire
Goil Filling Station Fire

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr Padi said whilst the right thing to do was to seek shelter when it rained, it was important for people to be well educated on how to do that safely.

?Whenever it rains, do not seek shelter in places with highly inflammable material such as gas and petrol filling stations, or any other similar places,? said Mr. Padi.

He explained that the strike of lightening could easily ignite flames, which makes it very dangerous to be close to flammable material or substances during rainfall.

?Strong winds that accompany rainfall, easily break down trees and other types of structures, and falling trees or structures could kill or injure people. It is therefore not safe to seek shelter underneath trees and other structures that could be destroyed by such winds,? he said.

Touching on other potential dangers, Mr. Padi advised motorists to be extra cautious during rains.

?When it rains, visibility becomes very poor and at the same time, the road becomes slippery, which makes it very easy for accidents to occur,” he said.

The senior meteorologist advised that drivers limited their speed immensely, and avoided sharp breaks whenever it rained.

He said one potential area of great danger was recreational activities around the sea shore.

?The sea could get greatly agitated during storms, increasing the risk of people getting drowned.?

Mr. Padi cautioned beach goers to be extra cautious, during the rainy season.

?People should cover water receptacles to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and in effect, also halt the spread of malaria, and also put on clothing that protects you from the cold weather that is typical of the season,? he added.

The Southern part of the country is currently experiencing its first and major rainy season of the year.

The rainy season is currently at its peak.



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