The new Chief of Air Staff said this during the handing over ceremony and to bid farewell to Air Vice Marshal Michael Samson-Oje.


Air Commodore Mantsebi-Tei Nagai promised to continue from where his predecessor left off, adding that he would work assiduously to lift the flag to a higher pedestal.

“I have always told Air Vice Marshal Samson-Oje that, taking over from him is like collecting a 4 x 100 metre relay baton from Usain Bolt to finish the last quarter of a race”, he said.

He promised to consult his predecessor to tap on his enormous experience and commended Air Vice Marshal Samson-Oje for making the service vibrant and robust.

Air Vice Marshal Samson-Oje said his tenure of seven years saw a vigorous revamping of the Service in terms of acquisition of new platforms and associated ground support equipment, infrastructural developments and manpower enhancements.

He commended the new Chief of Air Staff for his loyalty, professionalism and dedication to duty, urging him not to lose sight of these values.

He also commended all personnel for the roles played leading to the success of the service and urged them to give equal support to his successor.



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