Somalia Refugees started a new hope 2012

Dadaab refugee Camp is located in North Eastern Kenya. It is believed to be world’s biggest refugee Camp. About half a million refugees live most of them Somalis who fled the spontaneous wars in Somalia. UN staff slacked and prof erred food and shelter which assured the destitutes a hope.

Early 2009, UN convoluted some refugees’ behavior towards impartiality. This happened after some of them brandished insignia known to terrorists. Some sources indicate that UN member countries who used to offer better and animated life to refugees through residential Visas had decreased since then.

Noor Afrax who is suspected to be the first Somali candidate of Nobel Peace Prize redressed the premises before implosion might unearth the trust.
The below interview was last week aired by Associated Prize and it happened this.

Journalist. We are pleased to have Noor as our guest. Noor Welcome!

Noor. Thank you Elza. I am overwhelmed to appear on your 60 minutes news.

Eliza.How precise you are to stand up before a possible blunder on our society?

Noor. Yes miss Eliza. It happened after I discovered the scope of the issue. I was always a type of catalyst . I persevered to both skeptical change makers and outlandish people who believe am distorting and wrenching.

Eliza.How best the trust can be restored?

Noor.It is all about reaching the communities and two or three outlines containing what to avoid if harmony to be honored

Eliza.Some commentors suggested that your work was a fad or did you pause it?

Noor.This can’t be that because there is need of sorting the differences out and a need of bring the trust back.

Eliza. Your friends said that you worked as unfortunate teller before your capitalism business. and you are not married. is it true?

Noor. Well, I can’t remember when I worked as unfortunate teller but I can remember that I worked as anyone works Approving cultures and accepting and learning their norms as a result I’ve great transatlantic, humble friends who help with their expensive time so that others understand better. About marriage….I can recall many women who called me womanizer and I gave them wedding rings but never tied knots.

Eliza. what have you done for governments addressing Social and Security matters?

Noor.Well, I did number of things. Though I didn’t get any credit because of obliquely or egomaniacs. Am happy for having my part of what any citizen would.

Eliza. What are your near and long future expectations?

Noor.For near I have to build my reputations, for long I have to see the objectives of my NGO. I would had similar objectives I were conscripted the military and am sure presidents would decorate my shoulders with shining stars.
Eliza. Thank you Noor.

Since Noor Afrax initiated his courses the refugees felt a change and UN restarted relocating refugees to Europ and America. Be the Chage

Social and Constitutional changes in Somalia.

Whenever Somalia made itself into the headlines some unwise politicians thought of wasted land.
Over 20 years of lawlessness had decimated the population and national resources of the country.
The clique of scathing warlords savored the fruits vicious administration. The power invocation of the warlords hurdled and suffered 2004/5 in the hands od moderate terrorists at the time.

The terrorists smelled the complicity of the lawlessness in the war torn nation. As observed the warlords ran barefoot and some of them were incinerated.
The hard-line group gained the whole control of the capital of Somalia.
A former worker confided to our reporter. This former actor uncovered that Ethiopian invasion in 2006 helped terrorists to recruit youth in a hawkish stereotypes under the banned of protecting the country.
This stereotype crippled Ethiopian contingents and finally drove them back.

Lawlessness turned out Somalia as anarchist where terrorists and pirates gleam to subvert and keep rigidity as a top agenda.

Despite Somalia’s lowest records of justice systems, the country presented and upheld the rule of law than its neighbors.
Somalia’s highest military court sentenced death to armed public offenders and released innocent military men. Muungaab, who is the head of supreme armed courts won the trust of the citizens of Somalia.

Apart from law there are misinterpretation of Social changes and Democracy.
Depending on age the elders defined as either a new thematic or a modern type of imperialism prudently.
The terrorists who are also a hardcore group precedents as subsequent hypocrisy of non-muslims meant to erode Islam.
youth are the only the age that can’t give definitions.
However Noor Afrax, a devoted, adventurous and most confidant of youth problems had placed stimulus on them. He is not only outstanding and outspoken but also he established a Social Change Entrepreneurship aimed to make sure people put their differences aside and engage positive changes. “am doing this by heart. you know, I only have two legs one is in the hell and one is near the hell. so Why can’t I get my two legs in the hell or out of the hell. Do I look like affluence d philanthropist!.? He joked in exclusive interview.

Warlords are abject citizen now in Somalia and terrorists are running some are surrendering. While aftereffects and repercussions, the war torn country hopes to once come back to be what it was 2 decades ago.

Reported by,
Our East African correspondence,
Nuune Gaabshe,

Terrorists hustling to subsist in E.Africa.

Gratification of wars between Kenya and Somalia borders have reached the highest points ever.
Billions of shillings have been spent by Kenyan army who fueled the tanks, cordons, war planes and paid the double payments of the big men, the military. Terrorists were heard hailing and wailing in the middle of the Acacia trees. Sources divulged the troth to our reporter who was on expedition that bombs exploded and rented between the air and the military bases of the Al-shabab.

Kenyan military however opened the upper thick cover of their eyes after lessons were displayed by Al-shabab men near Afmadow town in Southern Somalia.
The statures of wars don’t end in this part of Africa. Somalia youth are most unfortunate and they divided themselves into three categories.
The first group who were said were lucky live in Europe and America.
Second group joined Al-shabab and have ranks.
The third group are living a worthless life in Eastern African countries.
This generation languished and relived with one hope of joining the first group in Europe or America. They don’t condone with terrorists but hope without symptoms isn’t better than hopeless.

The perennial wars don’t make winners and some malfeasance cooperated all warriors. Al-shabab businessmen imposed micro-managements in Nairobi as a sign of the profit would keep the wars on.
Al-shabab con-tempted and promised to slaughter Muslims and non-muslims who oppose the radical business of Islam.

E.Africa’s reporter,
Nuune Gaabshe

At least four people killed Saturday night in a blasts next to the Country Bus Station in Nairobi.

At least four people were killed Saturday night in a series of blasts next to the Country Bus Station in Nairobi.

At least 42 others were taken to hospital with injuries following the grenade attacks. Twelve of those injured were in intensive care.

Deputy police spokesperson Charles Owino, said the attackers were in a saloon car which drove off towards the Eastlands part of the city.

Police sealed off the road to start investigations. They said that the four explosives were thrown out of a moving vehicle over a distance of about 100 metres on Landhies Road.

Eye witnesses gave vague descriptions of the vehicle since the attacks occurred after darkness had set in.

Some said up to four blasts went off in quick succession, throwing the whole area into confusion. The area is normally busy with travellers picking buses to upcountry destinations and others arriving.

People scampered for safety as police and rescue services cam in to take the injured to hospital.

By 9 p.m. the Kenyatta National Hospital had received up to 42 casualties who were being treated for injuries, hospital spokesman Simon Ithai said.
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Kamukunji MP Yussuf Hassan, in whose constituency the attacks occurred, praised health workers at the hospital for responding swiftly to save lives.

He described the attacks as cowardly and a despicable act which should not happen in a civilised world.

Security agencies

He called on security agencies to hunt down and capture the culprits.

The blasts came hours after Kenya Defence Forces spokesman Col Cyrus Oguna cautioned Kenyans to remain vigilant as troops pursue Al-Shabaab militia inside Somalia.

At a news conference in Nairobi, Col Oguna said Al-Shabaab remnants were out to cause disharmony between the forces and the local community.

He urged the locals to notify security agents of any suspicious people in the community and others visiting the refugee camp
Posted  Saturday, March 10  2012 at  20:31

At the same press briefing, police spokesman Mr Owino urged Kenyans to be vigilant, saying that though the security agents were alert, the threat was still real.

Saturday’s incident was the third to rock the city centre since Kenyan troops went into Somalia in pursuit of Al-Shabaab on October 16 last year.

It also comes in the wake of a manhunt for fugitive British citizen Samantha Lewthwaite alias Natalie Faye. She is thought to be travelling with a variety of aliases after dramatically escaping capture as anti-terrorist police foiled a bomb attack plot on a shopping mall in Mombasa.

In October, blasts hit a downtown pub known as at Mwaura’s bar on Mfangano Street and the OTC bus stage in a span of hours.

Following the October blasts, police raided a house in Kayole and recovered guns, bullets and grenades.

The search further yielded an AK-47 assault rifle, four revolvers and a sub-machine gun.

The owner of the house, Elgiva Bwire, was later arrested.

Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere said the suspect, was arrested ‘‘elsewhere before he directed the Criminal Intelligence officers to his single room on the third floor of the building”.
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Neighbours said that Bwire, who lived alone, had moved in only a month ago.

His house had no furniture save for a small mattress of about four inches thick and a folded prayer mat.

He was convicted on his own confession and handed life in prison.

Bwire was also handed a 15-year sentence for Al-Shabaab membership and another seven for being in possession of firearms illegally. The two counts, however, are in abeyance.

Arms cache

The 28-year-old was arraigned in court in connection with an arms cache found in a house in Nairobi’s Kayole Estate and confessed to being a member Al-Shabaab.

He also admitted to being in illegal possession of firearms, including an AK-47 rifle, a submachine gun, two revolvers, 13 live hand grenades and 770 assorted rounds of ammunition
Bwire, who appeared before Nairobi chief magistrate Gilbert Mutembei, also pleaded guilty to causing grievous harm to Mr Justus Mulwa and Mr Patrick Kinyingi.

The two were injured in the grenade attack at OTC bus stage on Race Course Road, Nairobi, on Monday

Kenya And Its Unicorn.

Contemplative Africans wonder how Kenya positioned itself into competition that it leads economically, socially and technologically.
Kenya Utilized all untapped talents and resources to be the center of East Africa’s.

Its cities have got historical fortes.
Coast of Kenya is the monopoly of tourists, fish, drugs and terrorists. Tourists are seen exulting and craving all times on the private beaches of the coast. As it turned out drugs leave the inhabitants without reproductive use of time. The drugs don’t only ruin the indigenous people but also some morbid tourists were seen injecting their arms as they extended the visas.
Terrorists in the other hand, recruited the deranged youth with false promises of stable salary and better life.

There hadn’t been local NGOs except AFRAXhres.
Our correspondence met the director who said “drugs and crime are dangerous careers.” in a candid interview.

The presidential palace of Kenya was blamed by small scaled people for grasping the funds meant for initiative projects. It seems the hypothetical funds don’t brim the big incumbents but also deters the jittery of the small scaled.
The inner part of the country remains as it was fifty years ago despite the country’s remarkable developments. What Kenya and Kenyans awe are the trots and treks they made in meditative progressions.

Reported by our E.Africa’s
Nuune gaabshe,