Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Australia’s government owned national broadcasting and media service, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), announced on Tuesday it will fire 150 to 200 staff members by June, as part of a major restructure.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
The money saved, 50 million Australian dollars (37.97 million U.S. dollars), will be channelled into a fund to create more original content at the media outlet.

The decision was made by ABC managing director, Michelle Guthrie, who laid out the changes to all staff via a national address on Tuesday, where she highlighted the “retape” and “over-management” at the broadcaster, and said more needs to be done to create content that audiences want.

“We lack the flexibility to quickly adjust to the fast-changing audience trends,” Guthrie said.

“We are falling short of properly and effectively representing in our employees, content, and audience impact, the modern Australia in which we live.”

Some of the job losses will be effected immediately in the TV news and television divisions, with other content areas facing cuts later in the year. Enditem

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