accident or road crash

A man has deliberately driven his car into oncoming traffic on a Western Australia motorway on Saturday, killing one woman and critically injuring two other people, including himself.

accident or road crash
The woman was driving a Toyota Rav4, when the man driving a Toyota Landcruiser swerved into the opposite lane and crashed into her vehicle.

The 62-year-old woman driver was pronounced dead at the scene, while her 54-year-old female passenger was pulled out of the wreckage.

The male driver who swerved into traffic, was thrown from his car after it rolled and caught on fire.

Witnesses said they tried to notify the man driving the Landcruiser that he lost items off his car, but he ignored them, and they watched in horror as he careened into the opposite lane, as opposite traffic struggled to avoid being hit.

“As soon as we seen him run someone off the road we called police immediately and started recording,” the witness said.

One of the witnesses who was run off the road by the man, was in shock after seeing the driver’s face as he narrowly avoided hitting him.

“The guy’s face was unbelievable, like I’ve never seen before. He was jumping around in his car going nuts like he was happy about what he had actually done,” the witness said.

Both the Landcruiser driver and the Rav4 passenger were taken to Royal Perth Hospital where they are currently in critical condition. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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