From the days we used to trade cows and horses for wheat and barley, to gold and silver coins to cash!!

The amount of cash a country had in circulation was directly linked to the amount of gold they had in their vaults.

But has economies grew faster and faster, there simply wasn’t enough gold to back up the amount of cash that a country needed to supply to the public for new business ventures.

So, countries, began printing more of it’s own money based on sound business plans and not the amount of Gold they had in their vaults, the business ventures were presented to the government leaders and the bankers and if approved based on the fact that it was a good business venture and opportunity, the FED, or the nations reserve bank would print hot new cash at the local mint which would then be lent out to the banks, who in turn would lend the money to the public.

Interest is charged on the loans to the banks, who in turn charges interest to the general public. So the Government at the end of the day get’s all it’s money back plus interest.

Except in America where the big banks actually own the FED, so these big banks rape the public only to use this blood money to pay the FED or could say themselves, making sure they have complete control of the nations money and then of course the law makers/congressmen and women, henceforth in America and europe we have these deliberately planned boom and bust scenario’s, congress trying to pass all these laws, e.g SOPA, CISPA , NDAA etc that strips away the freedoms of the people they have been elected to protect, as they say,”money walks where people talk”.

Why is it a problem for the banks to own the FED or the EBB/IMF, because at theend of the day, when we the 99% pay the money back on oustanding loans to the banks with interest, this money is then paid to the FED/Reserve bank, now if the Government owns it, it then makes a profit from the interest and can also end up with a surplus of cash that it can use to stimulate the economy when necessary to expand infrstructure on education, hospitals , roads, subsidising public transport, educations costs etc etc, but when the banks own the FED, the money instead goes to the wall street banking elite!!

This is another inequality producer, apart from the money been peddled for defence budgets which is also driven by the top 1 percent on wall street, Jamie Daimon, loyd Blankfein and Maurice Green are key in this.

But anyway back to Austerity and the Greek’s Drokba

As long as the Reserve banks increase money supply based on sound business ventures requiring more capital, that isn’t already available, it’s ok. It’s creates more employment opportunities, increases GDP, stimulates the economy and creates overall growth and it’s sustainable over the long term, not just the short term. It’s reckless & endless printing of new money that creates inflation and destroys peoples savings and pension funds.

Also reckless investing with peoples money, like JP Morgan recently killed 2 billion USD of peoples money, this was no accident, Jamie Daimon knew the risk was too high, they play with people’s money as if it’s a kids toy, they confuse the public, to deceive their fraud, then say sorry!

Also fake interest rates at all time lows were used to create the housing bubble, i.e the money supply was not based on a sound business model, but deliberate fraud, so it created a boom and bust and inflation and increasing unemployment, while the top 1% walked away scot free, so far anyway. It’s totally unacceptable for the banks to own the FED/ECB or any reserve bank.

So Greece must just default on it’s debt to the ECB, which together with the IMF were created to be nothing more than whore houses at which the nations can prostitute their sovereignty for a quick euro to setthe stage for the NWO and a One World currency and government.

It’s impossible to have different nations all in bed with each other, without their been a pimp to control them and keep them in order, so the Euro was designed to crash initially and then see the nations reliquish their sovereignty to get bailout money to stay in the euro, under the false notion once you in it’s suicidal to get out, lies lies and more lies to deceive leaders who don’t understand money! See below.

Once Greece defaults, it’s debt to Germany will have to be written down or written off. Germany can refuse to write it off, but Greece will have it’s sovereignty back, so why would they care, what’s Germany going to do, shout bloody murder, no sorry, that’s what happened to the Greeks who are committing suicide.

Same story for the public’s loans to the big European banks, just default, again what are they going to do, same story as above!!! Including the local greek banks, theGovermant must enforce write downs of their debt.

It’s not the banks that should’ve got bailed out but the people, the people’s home loans should’ve been written down in the first place, instead the banks were bailed out, it was the same model for fraud in America with JP Morgan as it was in Europe.

It’s this constant bailing out, and bailing out, with more austerity that creates more and more financial stress and worsens the recession.

Write off the debt and bang, economies will thrive because the public’s disposable income is back. All that had to be done was have a forensic audit trail to find where the missing trillions have vanished to, that’s the problem, this hasn’t happened yet.

People’s savings have been stolen and has been replaced with printed money via the bailouts, but this has still left the crime of our time unnoticed, JP Morgan exec’s and te other bankers are guilty of fraud and perjury. If the banks want their money on outstanding loans, tell them to bring back the loot they’ve stashed somewhere instead of repossessing the peoples homes.

Greece’s drokba will be initially valued at the same value as a euro, i.e one euro becomes one drokba.

Greece can then go ahead and stimulate the economy by investing massively in education, roads, hospitals, farms etc and not have to borrow a cent from overseas, but simply open up it’s own mint that already exists and print the money they need to stimulate their economy and bring real growth, not false, fabricated growth like the big American and european banks did via the housing buble.

So the threat of not getting any new loans means nothing , or even maybe seeing the drokba devaluing, or even sanctions, means nothing, as Greece  will once again be a nation unto itself, and can simply print money out of nothing to stimulate it’s economy, as long as it’s used for infrastructure and sound business ventures, it’s all good.

When money get’s printed to pay foreign debt or to buy figher jets, bombs and bullets, or false, fabricated business models, that’s when something is out of wack, so just default and get back to Greek life and live in your own little world, in the long run if this plan is adapted, everything will stabilise. Same story for Spain, Irtaly, Portugal and Ireland.

Part II 

People’s money, savings and pension funds are not safe at all with the big American and European banks that got bail out money, they are corrupt to the very core. This is people’s money and savings entrusted to the bank to invest wisely to offset against inflation, and what does JP Morgan do, it plays with the peoples money as if it’s just a toy.

And then when they rack up losses of 2 billion, Daimon says, oh i’m sorry, it was a mistake!

They are deliberately targeting the peoples savings, this is just warning to everyone, get your money and savings out of these big banks.

The Fed keeps printing, this printing is also part of the plan to destroy people’s savings, to make the people vulnerable and dependant on the state for hand outs, creating a massive welfare state, so the people become their skivies, and will bow down to them and take the micro chip!!

Which will be used to enforce people to worship the Anit Christ as part of the One World religion plan which is been lead by Shaul Mofaz, who is the false Prophet!

The American navy is once again building up in the straight of hormuz, this is like committing suicide. Imagine a small bath tub full of toy ships, and then you stand 1 meter away with a handfull of soccer balls, and start throwing the soccer balls into the bath tub, chances are, you’ll hit nearly all the ships.

Well that’s what the straight of Hormuz is to the American navy for the Iranian surface to surface ballistic missiles, that have pin point gps guided systems, same story for the american army bases been built up around Iran, they all stick out like saw thumbs.

The Top military officials know this is suicide, because Iran knows where the bases are and where the ships are, and can obliterate them all in a few days, militarily Iran has the upper hand, which will leave America to do what it did to the Japanese and nuke Tehran. Yes , people, the threat of a nuclear holocaust is very real.

The Anti Christ is driving this, congress is in the palm of his hands and has sold out, all these wars are been orchestrated by the nephalin and their NWO elite to destroy mankind, so Satan can have is moment of glory and use us like muppets to do his bidding, so he can scoff at us having been fooled by allowing ourselves to reject Jesus Christ and the principles of tithing and spiritual warfare not military warfare to see us destroy ourselves.

The body of Christ has continued it’s adultry with Israel, which has seen them scoff at getting a genuine Christian leader, help America rid itself of the nephalin and these wicked wars, but instead continues to adultrate with Israel and put Ron Paul to the side, Ron Paul is annointed and called to lead America.

We must love Israeli’s, Palestinians, Iranians and seek just solutions to the roots of the tensions and conflicts, like Mandela brought change in South Africa with non violence, when we all thought there was going to be a massive blood path, this man rose the the occasion, and taught us Whites how to truly lead.

Not taking sides, but dealing with the issues and bringing equal rights for everyone. We still have major problems, but we are moving forward and hosted a successful world cup and a lot better off. It’s not too late, we can still vote Ron Paul into Office.

Once all these ships are there, the elite can hire some of there private armies to bomb one of the Ameican or Israeli warships, and then will very quickly blame Iran in order to ligitimise striking Iran.

Will be another 9/11 event, all cleverly put together by the anti Christ and the nephalim with Maurica Green, Loyd Blankfein and Jamie Daimon, Shaul Mofoz leading the NWO elitists, and getting any of them assasinated who want to get out of this agenda.

This is how Daniel the Jewish prophet saw these wars start, with the massive navy from the west moving with great speed against Iran and Syria and destroying them quickly.

Iran, kohomein, Ahmadinajad ,ust just be humble and realise america is looking for any excuse for a war and must just end their nuclear programme in line with a peace deal with Israel and open dialogue with Netanjahu and very quickly, the Nephalin and doing this quietly to try and take us of guard, we need to blow the whistle on  the naval build up quickly to stop WWIII from starting!!!

Adrian de Villiers

The Bohemian club and the Greek euro coin both by co-incidance have the owl as their symbols


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