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The African Union (AU) has urged all Somali stakeholders to fully commit themselves towards the effective implementation of the Somalia Transition Plan that seeks to transfer security responsibilities from AU troops to the country’s own security forces.

The AU Peace and Security Council has commended the Federal Government of Somalia for finalizing the Plan, with the support of the AU mission in Somalia (AMISOM), which demonstrates the ownership and readiness of the country to take over primary security responsibility.


The council endorsed the Transitional Plan, which includes a timeframe for the transition of security responsibilities from AMISOM to the Somali National Security Forces, as well as their capacity building, according to an AU statement on Wednesday.

“The full implementation of the Somalia Transition Plan is dependent on fully addressing the challenges raised by the Operational Readiness Assessment of regional forces, completion of discussions on the Somali troop generation, training, integration, accommodation, equipment and logistical support for the tasks related to the transition,” the statement said.

The Council has also called for the AU member states and the partners to provide the requisite funding support for the implementation of the Transition Plan.

It has emphasized the urgent need for streamlined and coordinated capacity building for the Somalia National Security Forces, particularly the training support provided to the Army, with clear distribution of roles and responsibilities among stakeholders, including AMISOM.

The Council has noted the importance of an orderly and gradual transfer of security responsibilities from AMISOM to the Somalia National Security Forces in order not to compromise the gains already made.

It has also emphasized that the Transition Plan should be a living document that should be regularly monitored and reviewed, and upon need, adjusted in light of emerging circumstances and prevailing security and political situations on the ground. Enditem


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