refugees n queue
refugees n queue

A senior African Union (AU) legal officer on Thursday urged African countries to ratify legal frameworks and conventions on refugees and migration.

Allehone Abebe, senior legal officer at the AU, said that the countries need to ratify the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants that adopted the comprehensive refugee response framework (CRRF).


“The framework provides an imperative to overcome the long held view of refugees and migrants as burden to societies,” Abebe told a regional scientific conference on forced displacement and mixed migration in east Africa and the Horn of Africa in Nairobi.

He said that out of all the African countries, only Uganda and Djibouti have ratified the framework from the region.

“The AU, then Organization of African Union also had a convention in 1961 but unfortunately no country has ratified it to date,” he observed.

Forced displacement presents a major development challenge in Africa. The displacement accounts for some of the world’s most protracted displacement cases with limited prospects for self-reliance.

He said that to date 40.3 million migrants, 80 percent women and 43 children have found themselves in the region.

The AU official stressed that access to school is equally poor in refugee camps since a survey by the AU that was done in early this year found that 61 percent of the refugee children attend primary school, 23 percent of adolescents attend secondary school while only 1 percent attain university education.

The three-day conference is aimed at establishing a network of actors with expertise in forced displacement and mixed migration to support research, knowledge generation and learning. Enditem


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