The decision came on Saturday during the 551st meeting on the prevailing situation in Burundi of the Peace and Security Council (PSC) held in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

African Union headquarters
African Union headquarters
The Council “decides, in support of the efforts to find an early and consensual solution to the crisis facing Burundi, to impose targeted sanctions, including travel ban and asset freeze, against all the Burundian stakeholders whose actions and statements contribute to the perpetuation of violence and impede the search for a solution,” said the Communiqu? of the meeting.

The Council requested the AU Commission to urgently compile a list of Burundian individuals and entities to be targeted by these sanctions.

It further requested the Commission to take the necessary measures to ensure that the members of the defense and security forces involved in human rights violations and other acts of violence do not take part in AU-led peace support operations.

The Council also requested the Chairperson of the AU Commission to initiate consultations with the United Nations for the adoption of similar measures.

It also decided to increase the number of human rights observers and military experts deployed by the AU in Burundi.

The Council requested the Chairperson of the AU Commission to take the necessary steps to bring rapidly to a total of one hundred (100) the number of personnel deployed, including a police component, and to initiate the required consultations with the Government of Burundi.

The Council demanded that the Burundian parties fully cooperate with the human rights observers and the military experts, in order to facilitate the effective implementation of their respective mandates.

It requested the Chairperson of the Commission to submit to the Council monthly reports on the human rights situation and acts of violence in Burundi, on the basis of the reports of the human rights observers and the military experts.

The Council agreed on the launching of an in-depth investigation on the violations of human rights and other abuses against civilian populations in Burundi, for the purposes of enabling Council to take additional measures.

In this regard, the Council requested the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights to urgently take the required steps to carry out this investigation and to submit to it a report within a maximum period of forty-five (45) days, from the adoption of the present communiqu?.

It requested the Commission, in consultation with the EAC and the East Africa Standby Force (EASF), to expedite and finalize the contingency planning requested in communiqu? PSC/PR/COMM.(DVII) adopted by the Council at its 507th meeting on 14 May 2015, for the purposes of the deployment in Burundi, should the situation so require, of an African-led Mission to prevent widespread violence in the country.

The Council requested the Commission to update it on the evolution of its efforts within a maximum period of one month.

The Council reiterated its call for the mobilization of the necessary assistance in support of Burundian refugees in neighboring countries, and requests the Chairperson of the Commission to take the necessary initiatives to this effect. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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