Paul Kagame
Paul Kagame

The African Union’s new Chairperson Paul Kagame on Sunday for the continental organization to empower youth to have a better life.

Kagame, who is also Rwanda’s president, made the appeal at the opening session of the 30th AU Assembly of Heads of State and Government.

“Too many Africans come of age in the same conditions as their parents and grandparents, and sometimes the hardships ensured are even worse,” he said.

“Our job is to make sure that every generation in Africa, enjoys a better life than the previous one, but young Africans as professional men and women, have a full role to play, we can’t build Africa without you,” further said Kagame.

But the Rwandan president cautioned African youth to not feel entitled to a better life than their parents, rather work to achieve it.

“Elders should be able to enjoy the pleasure, of telling you how hard they had it at your age, so you don’t take things for granted, and are inspired to work even harder,” he advised.

Kagame took over the AU Chairperson position for a one year period from Guinean President Alpha Conde during the AU summit on Sunday.

With about 70 percent of Africa’s estimated 1 billion plus population categorized as youth, the AU is tapping the potential of young people to meet its ambitious Agenda 2063 vision. Enditem


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