Atik Mohammed

The Standing Committee of the People?s National Convention (PNC) has constituted a three-member committee to investigate funds meant for the 2012 election campaign activities but could not be accounted for.

This follows a national meeting of the Standing Committee which took place last Saturday in Accra.

The Standing Committee comprises the national and regional executives, as well as regional secretaries of the PNC.

According to the Policy Analyst of PNC, Mr Atik Mohammed, at the Standing Committee meeting last Saturday, it came out that money meant to aid the 2012 campaign activities could not be properly accounted for. As part of measures to account for the campaign funds, the three-member committee?led by former PNC Member of Parliament for Sisala West, Mr Harunah Bayariga, was tasked to investigate the matter.

The committee is expected to submit its report by the end of this month.

The policy analyst, however, would not name suspected culprits but hinted that anyone found to have compromised his position would be exposed, when the committee finally submitted its report.

?That three-member committee is supposed to investigate money that was given to some specific people in the name of the party and how come they did not spend the money as required,?he said

According to him, the decision was taken at the standing committee?s meeting after long deliberations on the matter.

Among other considerations, Mr Mohammed said the PNC leadership also proposed the need to have a strategic plan for the party, saying that ?this will serve as a guide for us into election 2016, as we all resolve that it is important to begin to strengthen our structures, expand the base of our organisation, so that PNC becomes that electable and formidable party in the next elections.?

Source-Daily Graphic


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