Mavis Kitcher Interim President Of Aswim
Mavis Kitcher ,Interim President Of Aswim

The Association of Women in the Media (ASWIM) on Friday joined women around the world to celebrate the International Women’s Day with a call on society to help promote women’s empowerment.

“As we celebrate yet another International Women’s Day, ASWIM calls on all stakeholders to show commitment to the laws and policies that empower women,” a statement signed by Mrs Mavis Kitcher, the Interim President of the Association, and copied to the Ghana News Agency said.

It said women constituted more than half of Ghana’s pollution, thus their participation and involvement in all sectors of society was crucial.

Empowering women to take up positions in the society would not only inure to the progress of the family but also the community and nation, it said.

The statement said there should be a shift in social attitudes towards women and measures put in place to increase their access to economic opportunities, employment and funding.

It was also time the technological era was taken advantage of to find innovative ways to empower women technologically to realise their potentials, it said.

The statement charged women to grab opportunities by availing themselves to learn new things in connection to technology and not see that sector as the preserve of men.

“We pay homage to the countless Ghanaian activists and advocates who have blazed the trail and those still working hard to ensure there is equitable representation of women in all spheres of life,” it said.

The statement said it appreciated the National Gender Policy, which aimed to mainstream gender perspectives into national programmes ensuring that the vulnerable, marginalised, persons living with disability, women and men as well as girls and boys participated in the decision making process.

Ghana achieved a historic feat on June 9, 2016, when the Affirmative Action Bill was approved, which was an important step on the gender disparity path.

However, gender disparity still existed though Ghana had numerous laws and policies and had embarked on campaigns to bridge the political, economic, legal, civic and socio-cultural gaps.
Laws to improve women’s status were not fully implemented or ignored, especially the Violence Act 2007, the statement said.

The World Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8 to push for women’s rights.

This year’s celebration is on the theme: “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovative for Change”.


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