Batik and tie and die making
Batik and tie and die making

Thirty women drawn from communities in the Ledzokuku Krowo Municipality (LEKMA) have undergone a one day intensive training in batik and tie and dye making in Teshie.

Batik and tie and die making
Batik and tie and die making

The training formed part of the income generating activities lined up by the Ledzokuku Krowo Municipal Assembly?s (LEKMA) Social Welfare and Community Development Department, to reduce the incidence of poverty in the area in 2015.
Madam Genevieve Ofosu Amaah, Unit head, Community Development, said such interventions are crucial since they offer skills to the vulnerable in society to have a source of income and confidence.
She thanked the LEKMA for releasing funds for the project and hoped that the remaining five income generation workshops would be sponsored.
Madam Ofosu Amaah encouraged the participants to use the skills acquired to make a decent living and improve on their circumstances.
Madam Deborah Barquaye, Assemblywoman for Sookpoti, appealed to widows and unemployed women to take advantage of such workshops to acquire income generating skills.
She appealed to Non- Governmental Organizations and charities to support such programmes as their contribution to poverty alleviation in the country.



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