by Scott Creighton

This is controlled opposition taken to a whole new level.

I am currently working on a review of the first two episodes of Julian Assange’s new propaganda show called “The World Tomorrow” so what follows the break is just a sneak peak of what I am writing.

I have to say after finally forcing myself to watch the first two episodes that it’s far worse than I could have possibly imagined. Let’s get ready to round up the “international leftists” for American and Israel and do away with that silly “social safety net” that’s messing up all those lovely profits for the billionaires and crashing the economies of Europe and America… I kid you not.


The first show, which I call “One State Solution is Ok By Me“,  featured a Hezbollah leader who claims the only “viable solution” to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is the “one state solution”. The one state solution as it is called calls for turning all of Israel and Palestine into.. well, into Israel. And of course it is predicated on the Israelis being able to turn themselves into a democratic and free state for all who live there… well, all who promise to take an oath proclaiming that Israel is a Jewish State and just so long as the Palestinians understand that they are second class citizens there to do the manual labor and work in the free-trade-zone sweatshops owned by Israelis. One “one state solution’ is basically called “surrender” to most Palestinians, but Assange’s guest calls it the only way.

His next show, the second in the series, included two extreme examples of the so-called “left and right” divide. Without going into details just yet, David Horowitz released a tirade on the “international left” who according to him, is currently waging war on America and Israel while the “communist” kept agreeing with him on many key parts (“I’m not crazy” he was prone to say whenever denying anything even remotely considered “leftist”) of his rants while constantly touching his nose and picking at his shirt in an effort to make the lefties seem just as “crazy” as he professed he wasn’t. We’ll call this show “Driving Up the Center

In an interesting little exchange which RT made sure to include in their promotion of the show, Assange asked the “crazy” leftist if he would be put up against a wall (killed) for revealing his “Wikileaks’ under the new “revolutionary’ government (a leftist government). The “crazy’ leftist joked about sending him an answer in the Gulag.

Horowitz then added some comment about the murderous socialist dictatorships in Latin America.

For anyone with any kind of rudimentary understanding of our efforts in Latin America, that statement is beyond irresponsible… but Assange just lets it go without comment.

In fact, much of the show focused on either the seemingly reasonable Horowitz railing on the “international left” as terrorists and dictators while the “crazy” leftist sitting next to Assange did his level best to make Horowitz seem reasonable.

The second show is far more dangerous than the first because it is beginning the process of demonizing the left. This happens in every single country where neoliberalism in inflicted on the people from Indonesia under Suharto (where Barack Obama’s mother happened to work for USAID (ie: the CIA), to Chile under Pinochet and everywhere in between. Even India recently has seen this trend take place. It happens everywhere because this new “centerist” ideology is actually so far to the right that everyone will eventually see it for what it is and move naturally to the left. So, they disappear leftist writers, leaders, teachers, union leaders, and so on till the left literally doesn’t exist anymore. The demonize the left so that people will be averted from thinking “leftist” thoughts.

As an example of that, Horowitz actually made the claim on Assange’s show that real “liberty” is the “liberty” not to be considered equal with those less intelligent or talented as you are. If that sounds a bit Libertarian and Ayn Randian, there’s good reason for that.

Then Horowitz goes off on what he calls the European “welfare state” and it’s collapse. Assange seems to agree with him on the weakness of the “welfare state” even running down Sweden in the process. Horowitz says they have no morals.

This is purely neoliberalism. The idea is to destroy the civil society and the social safety net built up after WWII and the New Deal. That’s all that is and Assange certainly seemed to agree with Horowitz on that point.

Why shouldn’t he agree with him? After Horowitz left Ramparts and set up someone to get whacked by the Black Panthers while he was infiltrating that organization, he settled in immediately with his true friends, the Rockefellers and the Fords to write their glowing biographies. By the same token, Assange, after finishing his little stint as a fake dissident, he too settled in with ultra rich tycoons living on Vaughan Smith’s palatial estate called Ellingham Hall for the first year of his so-called detention then he moved off in December 2011 to a “3,000-acre estate in East Sussex” – “a lodge onLord Abergavenny‘s Eridge Park estate, near Tunbridge Wells

Neither Horowitz nor Assange for that matter need to worry about that so-called “welfare state” now do they?

Anyway, I have little time on this computer system right now. Still looking to get mine back. Will write more on the subject in a day or so. But just so you know, I am paying attention to this white propaganda from the right-think PR outlets out there and I am extremely disappointed in RT for running this crap. I have every hope that at sometime in the very near future they get enough negative feedback from this obvious psyop to stop running it before RT hemorrhages too much credibility.

As a side note, try looking up the producer of this silly psyop crap. It’s a company by the name of Quick Roll Productions. They started up just a month before production on this crap, the seem to be only running for one year, and they have a silly little one page website….


Factor that in with the fact that the 1st show supported the One State Solution and the second show featured a known Right Wing Zionist and Israeli Apologist and you can pretty much figure out who’s behind Assange’s show The World Tomorrow…

Question is: do you want a know rabid Neocon Zionist and a Royal Family’s Globalist’s Houseboy telling you what the world should be like tomorrow? I don’t



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