ASQ, the leading authority on quality in all fields, organizations and industries, has launched an online self-assessment tool that will help organizations evaluate their culture of quality ? identifying strengths and opportunities that can be converted into actionable steps to accelerate business performance.


The tool is part of ASQ?s and Forbes Insights’ culture of quality research study conducted earlier this year. The white paper, ?Culture of Quality: Accelerating Growth and Performance in the Enterprise,? was released in August, and draws on the responses of 1,010 senior leaders and 1,281 quality professionals worldwide.

The self-assessment tool was launched in late November as part of World Quality Month, an annual celebration that promotes the use of quality tools in businesses and communities, and showcases improved business performance and service quality by reducing waste and producing superior products.

The self-assessment tool measures 10 essential characteristics of a successful and sustainable quality culture, including customer engagement, quality vision and values, and leadership commitment. Upon completion of the self-assessment, users are provided a downloadable scorecard and results summary that can be used to educate and persuade their organization to take action.

?The self-assessment tool provides organizations with a great opportunity to measure and improve their culture of quality, and make a positive impact on their business,? said ASQ CEO William Troy.
Users of the self-assessment are able to compare their answers to other organizations surveyed earlier this year as part of the research, and to organizations based on revenue and industry.

After completing the self-assessment, ASQ can provide customized solutions from case studies to on-site training to help organizations accelerate growth and performance in the enterprise.



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