Advocates for Social Intervention, Ghana (ASIG), a group spearheading the fight against injustice, has sent a message of congratulation to Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo on her appointment.

The message signed by its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Emmanuel Arthur, said the group was confident that she would continue with the good job done by her predecessor.

It said it had every reason to believe that she would provide strong and effective leadership to boost public confidence in the judiciary.

ASIP renewed its appeal for investigation into a case involving what it claims to be unfair treatment of a miner by his employers.

The victim, John Etisbah, an auto electrician, working with African Mining Services Ghana Limited (AMSGL) – Chirano Mine Site, on November 24, 2011, was sacked by the company for what it said was his “abuse of communication – two-way radio”.

Dissatisfied with the action of his employers, he took the matter to a Takoradi Circuit Court, presided over by Ms. Afi Agbanu Kudomor, and judgement was given in his favor.

The court ruled on July 31, 2014, that the termination of his appointment was a nullity and therefore wrong, and went ahead to order that he should be paid damages for wrongful dismissal.

Etsibah was to be paid his salary from December 2011, to March 2013, and this was subsequently calculated and submitted to the company by the Ghana Mine Workers Union.

AMSGL, it indicated, disputed the figure and made an application to the Appeal Court in Cape Coast and this was dismissed on February 17, 2015.

The group alleged that the company returned to the Appeal Court and under strange circumstances secured a judgement absolving it of any wrongdoing in the termination of the appointment of Etsibah.

ASIG said it found the turn of events baffling, considering the fact that what was at issue was the quantum of money to be paid to the victim and not the propriety or otherwise of his termination.