Asia Argento
Asia Argento

The 43-year-old Italian actress-and-director claimed in an article written by Ronan Farrow and published in the New Yorker magazine in October 2017 that she had been assaulted by the now-disgraced Hollywood producer in the 1990s, whilst admitting there had been some consensual sexual relations between them as well.

Then, at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2018, Asia delivered a powerful speech alleging that Weinstein had raped her when she was 21.

Although her revelations inspired other women to come forward and share their own alleged traumatic experiences at the hands of The Weinstein Company boss, Asia doesn’t think she would give that initial interview again because the fall-out has had such a negative effect on her life.

In an appearance on Italian TV show ‘Non è la D’Urso’, she said: “When people ask me if I would accuse Harvey Weinstein again, I say yes I would, because that helped so many women. But the truth is that no, I wouldn’t do it again. Answering that question Ronan Farrow asked me triggered so many negative events in my life. So no, I don’t think I would do it again today.”

Asia – the daughter of acclaimed horror director Dario Argento – also explained why she made the decision not to go to the police and press charges against Weinstein after the rape apparently took place.

The ‘Land of the Dead’ star admits she was just trying to “normalise” the situation as she couldn’t process what had happened to her.

She stated: “I was trying to normalise the situation, this is why I kept hanging out with Harvey Weinstein after what he did to me and why I accused him after 20 years. I always considered myself a strong woman, I couldn’t accept that he did that to me, so I tried to normalise him. When I found out he did the same thing to so many other women I felt really bad, I thought I was the only one.”

Asia also opened up her grief for her late boyfriend, TV chef Anthony Bourdain who tragically killed himself in June 2018.

The former ‘X Factor Italy’ judge has found it hard to come to terms with her passing and, at the moment, she doesn’t think she will fall in love again.

She said: “I’m a lonely person, after my partner’s death I don’t think I will ever be able to love someone again.”



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