Information gathered by The Moment Newspaper has it that?Lieutenant?Col. Parbey of the 4th Infantry Batalion of the Ghana Armed Forces has been charged for ordering a joint military and police taskforce to raid a private residence of Hansol Mining? and hence stealing household appliances which has nothing to do with mining activities.

CDSConfirming the information to the paper is Police Inspector Coujo of Juaso Police Station. According to him, a formal report was lodged on Monday by staffs of Hansol Mining with regard to the development; he hinted that the matter has been transfered to the Juaso Divisional Police Command where a thorough investigation will be conducted to arrive at the bottom of the matter.

The task force according to information was led by Jabaru, who was said to have threatened the driver at gun point demanding the keys to the cars belonging to the Hansol Mining Company.

However, the whole operation was led by one Military man called John Jabali who claimed he was ordered by Col. Parbey under the directive of the Regional Security Council by named Bimpong

Information gathered by the paper before Col. Parbi?s arrest, has it that about 30 security personnel belonging to the 4th Battalion Infantry of the Military, and the Regional police ransacked a residence of officials on Hansol Mining Company at Amantia in the Akyem South District of the Ashanti Region and steal properties belonging to the company.

The incident occurred on Saturday and Sunday, 4th and 5th May 2013 at exactly 9am. A group of joint Military and Police taskforce from the Kumasi Regional Headquarters invaded a rented apartment of a small scale mining company (Hansol Mining) where items including Excavator, an amount of GHS 3,500.00, Engine for washing, Hydrochloric Oils, Blanket, Greece, Carpet, Welding rods, Mining welleten boot, I Pad, DStv Decoder and Satellite Dish.

The rest include a bag of rice, Gallons of cooking Oil, Cooking utensils and a DVD player.

It is interesting that the personnel, after seizing the items cooked some of the rice and ate them at the place and went away with the uncooked ones.

The taskforce according to eyewitness were fully armed with AK 47 rifles with their leadership holding a pistol.

During the attack, the task force arrived in two police cars and two military cars including two hired Kia trucks with registration numbers;

GP 3172???????? (Police), GP3196????????? (Police), 44 GA 63??????? (Military), 72 GA 74??????? (Military), ?AS 7145???????? (Hired Kia Truck) and GW 869 Y????? (Hired Kia Truck).

The taskforce arrested and detained some Chinese migrants who mainly engineers for Honsol Mining Company and where later granted bail after legal documents consisting of their work permit were presented to the police.

Sources say the attack was engineered by the Head of Security of Newmont Ghana Limited, which is putting impediments on Hansol Mining Company?s way.

This paper had gathered that the Head of Security from Newmong gave a verbal complaint to the police that Hansol mining had blocked river Pra.

A trip to the site and the river had proven this complaint to be false as no part of the river had been blocked. The attack however was also not carried out at the mining site, but at a residence where officials and workers of Hansol are living.

Information gathered from the police station has it that the said Head of Security from Newmont later came to police station to pay homage, (money) to express his company?s appreciation for the operations.




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