The Police Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU), has expressed concern about the rising cases of child non-maintenance cases in the Ashanti Region.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Benjamin Dokurugu, the Regional Commander of the Unit, said this was throwing more children on the streets, a phenomenon he finds worrying.

Speaking in an interview in Kumasi, he said the trend needs to change to give more protection to children.

The Unit’s other worry had to do with the incidents of physical assault and threats to children.

DSP Dokurugu said they had successfully prosecuted some offenders and secured their conviction to prison terms ranging between eight and 12 years. Others were sentenced to fines by the court.

He indicated that, great strides were being made in the fight against child abuse in the region. The overall number of abuse cases reported to his unit last year, reduced by 119.

DSP Dokurugu reminded the public to respect the child’s right to a comfortable life, protection and parental guidance.

He invited the public to back the effort to protect children by reporting any child abusers to the appropriate state institutions for action.

Source: GNA


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