Selected heads of department of Ashanti MMDAs have undergone a three-day training programme in Kumasi.

Participants of the workshop comprised six representatives from all the 27 MMDAs in the Ashanti Region. They were District Coordinating Directors, District Finance Officers, Community Development Officers and Representatives from the various Human Resource Departments.

The fundamental objective of the capacity building training is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of task performance of staff of MMDAs and also to develop skills of key assembly staff in modern strategies and techniques in assessing training needs in MMDAs. Other major objectives include appraising staff performance at the MMDAs to improve upon their operations in the execution of their mandates.

It is therefore envisaged that upon completion of the training, HR practitioners of MMDAs should identify and comprehensively document the training needs of staff as well as the cost of training which should be included in the MMDAs’ annual budget for implementation.

Additionally, HR Managers and heads of departments of MMDAs should be taken through the staff Appraisal System to ensure that new targets are set annually against which performance will be measured on completion of the Capacity Building Training.

Addressing participants at the workshop, the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Director, Mr Samuel Okyere Kusi Appiah, advised staff of (MMDAs) to take advantage of the series of programmes being executed by the Local Government Services Secretariat (LGSS) and attach extreme importance and seriousness to them.

According to him, the Civil Service is undergoing some form of transformation moving to a performance-oriented approach of work and such training programmes will equip them to assess the performance of their subordinates and come up with realistic training programmes to beef-up their performance appraisal.

Mr. Kusi Appiah expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council and commended the Local Government Services Secretariat (LGSS) for executing such capacity building training programmes.

In an interview, Mr. Macdonald Acquah, lead facilitator and Senior Consultant at the Pentax Management Consultancy Services, implementing agency of the training programme said in 2008 that the Government of Ghana in conjunction with development partners decided to provide both financial and non-financial support to MMDAs for the development at the local level based on performance.

In this regard the government came up with a programme called the District Development Facility (DDF) programme. They then developed a tool called Functional & Organisational Assessment Tool (FOAT) to assess the performance of MMDAs.  According to him, based on the performance of the MMDAs, the grants or the support is provided according to the level of performance.

At the end of the exercise the MMDAs are ranked according to their scores before the grant is provided taking into consideration the size or the population of the MMDAs.

By Seth KRAMPAH, Kumasi

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