Kumawuhemaa still pursues her stubborn community-damaging agenda with zeal. Since the demise of her brother, the late paramount chief of Kumawuman, Barima Asumadu Sakyi II, she has intransigently determined to install a member of her supposed Ankaase royal family as the successor paramount chief. She has vowed to dispose of the entire wealth of Kumawuman in her relentless fight to ensure her own chosen one from the Ankaase family ascends the Kumawu Koduah Stool, should it become the only possibility available to achieving her dream. She is on record to have said in one of the Kumawu Traditional Council meetings, “I will sell every inch of the Kumawuman stool lands and use the money to fight to ensure the person of my choice from the Ankaase royal family occupies the Kumawu paramount throne”


True to her words, the insatiably greedy, myopic and selfish queen of Kumawu has permitted equally short-sighted chiefs and sub-chiefs to take undue advantage of the Kumawu chieftaincy disputation. They are availing themselves of the unique opportunity widely open to them by the folly, illogical, and destructively egoistic reasoning by Kumawuhemaa. Among those capitalizing on her irresponsible behaviour to amass wealth at the detriment of Kumawuman are Asantehene, Agogohene, Kwamanghene and Kumawu Krontihene alias “Tikenenkenen”


The named chiefs are doing whatever is possible within their power, although abusively, to forestall the enthronement of Kumawuhene any sooner. The more the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute drags on, the more the crooks stand to profit.


Asantehene for unexplained reasons that baffle my gumption has immensely failed Kumawuman. Is it because the longer he delays arbitrating the Kumawu case brought before his traditional court, the more he stands to enjoy free sex and have unhindered access to Kumawuman lands? If not, what else can explain away his intentionally adopted delay tactics to resolving the Kumawuman chieftaincy dispute?


Lately, Asantehene is in covert collusion with Agogohene, Kwamanghene, Kumawu Kontrihene and Kumawuhemaa to survey, divide and share, and sell Kumawuman stool lands in the Afram Plains. I for one can never understand why and how Asantehene has chosen not to live above reproach but to succumb to Kumawuhemaa’s exhibited bigotry.


I am still informing the reading public, the Kumawuman citizens worldwide, and Ghanaians that Kumawuhemaa and her Ankaase family members are as ordinary citizens as anyone in Kumawuman is. Their forebear, Yaw Dabo, ascended the Kumawu paramount throne by default. They are not royals but pure crooks with evil intentions.


Why is Kumawuhemaa upon all the support she is getting from her boyfriend, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the Asanteman Overlord, afraid to challenge the Asantehene’s Great Oath (Asantehene Ntamkese) so invoked on her?  She knows, as everyone and I know that, neither she nor any of her Ankaase family members is a legitimate royal. Kumawuhemaa with the fear of publicly being thrown out of the Kumawu paramountcy lurking in the backyard of her mind, has decided not to challenge the oath but rather hide behind the shenanigans in perpetration by her boyfriend, the Asantehene.


For how long can she connive and condone with some disgraceful chiefs to torment the people of Kumawuman? For how long will the citizens of Kumawuman stay nonchalant, thereby allowing Kumawuhemaa and Asantehene unfettered powers to toy with their intelligence and personae?


There is coming a day, that the traitors of Kumawuman will be held to account for their deeds and misdeeds same as Sir Alex Agbesi Woyome is. On that day of reckoning, Asantehene, Kumawuhemaa and Kumawu Kontrihene will be awash in shame with their nose twitching constantly like a rabbit standing on his hind legs with his ears raised, watching against possible predators.


John Fosu


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