With references to the recent demonstration organized  by the opposition New Patriotic Party-NPP in Kumasi  named  ?Ya Y? Den? dated 10/06/2014, it has come to the realization of the above stated group that the NPP should be treated as an entertainment pressure group than a serious political Party preparing for Power in some years to come.

This has necessitated the group to come out clearly to show to Ghanaians that the NPP has lost focus and credibility in their outfits.

The questions were; when did NPP accepted the fact that, the National Democratic Congress-NDC led by H. E John Dramani Mahama was legitimately elected by Ghanaians? Will they now accept President J. D Mahama as their President and His Ministers as their own? Are they now accepting the fact that their 2012 flagbearer is a serial looser and therefore lost the election creditably?

Is NPP telling Ghanaians that without them Ghana must not move forward and hence their agenda of rendering this Country ungovernable? One will ask why a so called strong opposition Party like NPP would have to boycott such an important National gatherings and programmes like the inaugural ceremony of the President of the Republic of Ghana, escaped from the Ministerial Vetting Committee of the Parliament, exempted themselves  from current Economic Forum at Senchi in Eastern Region?

Where is NPP?s modus operandi for telling the whole World wide that Mahama government has brought hardship to this Country and therefore there is no  money in the system only to noticed that they are selling
only two A4 sheets for Ghc 85000.00 as Presidential Primaries Forms for just a personal data? What is the essence of them carrying a Casket decorated with the National Flag? Meaning they are mourning a State Man Whom they are going to present their petition to?

The multi-billion dollar question is their unfounded claims in their petition for this unnecessary demonstration creating falsehood information on NHIS Capitation, purportedly to be used by NDC government to kill the Ashanti people for the sake of mere political gimmicks, forgetting that Kumasi and for that matter Ashanti Region is hosting all Social class of people from all walks of life with different political ideologies. Moreso, they still have the audacity to challenged capitation when they knew very well that, the Parliamentary Committee on Health then was chaired by an MP from the Region and MPs in Ashanti Region constituted greater number of
members on the selected Committee.

ADF/SMC  wish to call on Ashanti Regional NPP hierarchy to come again and explain to the good people of Ghana, their prior basis of this parallel and unrealistic demonstration on government for just political attention.

Long live Ghana!
Long live Ashanti Region!!
Long live ADF!!!

Electronically sign by:

Asare Benjamin
(BENITO), Reg. Cord.

Alhassan Mohamed
Danny K. Owusu

Signed: Haruna Salihu (Babs)- Reg. Secretary.


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