Farmers at Ashaiman Lebanon Agric say the irrigation dam which is supposed to help them do all year farming was rather destroying their crops.

The Ashiaman Dam was constructed more than 50 years ago to help farmers irrigate the about 155 hectares of arable lands for all year farming.


Some of the farmers speaking to the Ghana News Agency, said whenever it rained, the dam spilled into the farms near it leading to them huge farm losses.

They stated that most of the lands near the dam which hitherto took the spill whenever it rained, had been used for real estates whose owners have made a bulwark which directed spillage into the farms.

Mr Elvis Amoako, a farmer, indicated that he lost all his farm produce this year due to the dam spillage adding that the banks of the dam had also be washed bare.

Mr Amoako said “the dam which we use for farming activities is now destroying our farms when it rains heavily, something must be done immediately to solve the problem”.

An official from the Ashaiman Irrigation Scheme who pleaded anonymity confirmed that water occasionally entered some farms adding however that his outfit had written letters to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to repair the dam walls.

He said lack of equipment was another problem farmers at the scheme were faced with as all the machines at the place were broken down making farming difficult.

He also added that there was no ready market for the produce which is mostly rice, maize, lettuce, okro, pepper and onion.


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