With all the socio-economic problems faced by the inhabitants of Kumawuman (Kumawu, Bodomase, Besoro, Woraso, Wonoo, Temaate, Dobronso, Abotanso, Abenaso etc.), Asantehene doesn?t give a hoot. From empirical observations, he is even desirous to exploit the ignorance of the Kumawuhemaa to his advantage, dubiously as their connivance seems.

Asantehene?s despicable attitude to helping resolve the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute is hinged on prejudice and corruption. This is a fact of which I can challenge him to a contest before any known no-nonsense but very powerful fetish whose invocation cannot collusively be reversed by any “Nsumankwaahene”.
Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has sadly traded his respect for money and other promises with regard to arbitrating the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute. He cannot deny this assertion before God and man. He cannot deny this claim before the gods, the Golden Stool and the spirits of the departed souls. I am ready to take him on in any spiritual contest to prove to the whole world that he is prejudiced in his attempts to resolving the dispute.
In tandem with other chiefs, he has deliberately decided not only to rob Kumawuman in broad daylight but also, to twist Kumawu royal history to suit his ego and evil intentions.
It is on record that Kumawuhemaa has been to the Bank of Ghana to have a printout or paper trail of how much money Kumawuman has at the bank. This money has come about when the late Barima Asumadu Sakyi II, the paramount chief of Kumawu, embezzled then 1.5 Million Cedis in 1974/75. One Cedi in those days was equivalent to US$1. Subsequently, the Court barred him from further access to, and usage of, the fund which is remuneration from the government to Kumawu Traditional Council for the devastation the Volta dam is causing to Kumawuman lands in the Afram Plains.
This fund is currently worth more than 35 years accumulation of royalty payment on the land by the government. Any future chief, other than Barima Asumadu Sakyi II, will be permitted to sign for the money.
In the current degrading status of Kumawuman capital, Kumawu, where there are no potable water, public toilets or enough toilets in private homes, this money could be used to revitalise the townships by way of social interventions. However, the myopic, nonchalant and egoistically greedy queen has promised half the money to Asantehene and his other Asanteman chiefs. She has taken the printout to show to them hence the roguish, resolute determination by them to ensure she forces her candidate on Kumawu as the succeeding Omanhene. They know very well the Ankaases are not the real royals but for the sake of acquiring ill-gotten wealth (money – the root of all evils), Asantehene is behaving irresponsibly ? being economical with truth.
Asantehene, as far as I know, again in connivance with Agogohene, tried to dispose of one million (1,000,000) acres of Kumawu stool lands in the Afram Plains to some Danish Company. He encountered a problem that can only be rectified by the paramount chief of Kumawu. The Whites are exerting some pressure on him hence his desperation to do whatever illegality and criminality he can, to assist the queen to impose a puppet of whom they can manipulate to append his signature to authenticate the sale of the land, on Kumawu.
These are the greedy traditional leaders they expect me to kowtow to. Over my dead body! They have no sympathy for the plight of Kumawuman citizens. As long as they remain who they are, wicked, insatiably greedy and liars, they will not have any peace of mind. I shall expose all their underhand dealings that are detrimental to the health and safety of the inhabitants of Kumawuman.
Try as they do, they will never succeed. God has laid a trap for them and it will surely ensnare them.
Kumawuman citizens, wherever you happen to be, arise to tell Asantehene and his cronies how you feel, whether you support their views of cunningly exploiting your land of birth or not. We should never under the Moon, the Sun and the Stars allow Kumawuhemaa to release Kumawuman money to some rogue chiefs by way of imposing her puppet candidate on Kumawuman.
Until Asantehene refrains from his trickeries, even though he claims to have developed tough skin, he will never have the respect of many Ashantis, especially, Kumawuman people.
Would he cry if really he has tough skin as that of the rhino or the elephant when people chastise him for his wrongdoing? I do not hate the person of Asantehene but his character. He had better reconsider his ridiculous attitude to adjudicating the Kumawu case as he cannot fool all Kumawuman citizens all of the time.
In all these unfolding events relating to Kumawu, how Asantehene and his close associates-in-crime are twisting history and facts to suit their selfish intentions, I hope Nana Otuo Serebour II, Juabenhene, has not a hand in it. I know of his humble backgrounds when he was a pupil in Juaben and how he worked hard to raise pocket money to assist with his education. I am not going to discuss anything further about him but he was very well liked then by Osiakwan, Adwoa Ketewa and Adwoa Bronyah, the daughters of Nana Siaw, for being such an industrious pupil. Having come that far to his present most respected position, I would not expect him to begin to soil his hard earned reputation by involving in the daylight robbery Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and his obstinate colleagues are inflicting on Kumawuman.
The Chief of Asokore-Mampong, once a known honest person to whom corruption is anathema, should, I hope, not seek today to tarnish his reputation. Anyone sitting in council with Asantehene to dupe Kumawuman has already tarnished their reputation and will in due course account for their action before God.


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